When taking care of your natural curls, it is good to not only think about your hair routine, but also about which hair accessories you use. We are of course happy to help you with our favorite accessories for curls.


In addition to optimally caring for your curls with a CG-proof shampoo or co-wash, deep conditioner and various styling products, the right hair accessories are also important. Choosing the right accessories for your curls is crucial to keeping them in optimal condition. For example, a Denman Brush can ensure that your curls come out even better defined, without frizz or breakage. There are many different types of Denman Brushes. Just like your curl type, a Denman Brush has different categories to suit different types of hair and different needs of your hair. In this article you will discover which Denman Brush suits your curls best. Another option is the massage brush, to detangle your hair and give your scalp a wonderful massage. For example, the flexible pins with round ends distribute a shampoo and conditioner evenly through your hair. Useful!

But the above list contains even more accessories for curls, such as scrunchies and hair wraps. This allows you to protect your hair while sleeping. With a scrunchie you can pin your hair in a pineapple on top of your head so that you don’t lie with your head on your curls. A satin hair wrap is another way to protect your curls at night as it prevents friction that causes breakage, frizz and split ends. This will wake you up with smooth, shiny and frizz-free hair! The hair wraps are suitable for all hair types, from long to short curly hair.