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Box Braids: Everything You Need to Know about this Trendy Hair Style

In this article:

In this article:

Box Braids: All You Need To Know

Box braids hairstyle is one of the best and most secure types of styles that are great for giving your hair the desired break that it needs. 

Unfortunately, when it comes to an array of prominent hairstyles, there are so many of them that trend for a while and eventually lose trend, while a few others stand the test of time.

One of the most popular hairstyles that have stood the test of time is the Box Braids. The cuteness of this hairstyle gives a sleeky, stylish, and confident look, plus it’s the major favorite of top celebrities.

Box braid has been a trend for a long time now; however, as popular as it is, it’ll take severe focus and commitment to get the necessary knowledge on how to make this hairstyle. 

In this article, we’ll be taking a journey through all you need to know about Box Braids.

Get To Know Your Box Braids

If you’re a social media fanatic, you’ll discover that this hairstyle is always a common trend through the likes of Instagram feeds. Box Braids are grazing braids with origins from Africa dating back a thousand years ago. 

Interestingly, this hairstyle hasn’t changed since its origination a thousand years ago. It is why it has and will always remain the pride and Beauty of African Culture.

How Box Braids Look Like

Braid Boxes are hairstyles that involve various braid strands all over the head. The Box that is part of the box braids plays a role in the parting technique. Different square patterns are utilized; however, you should know that this isn’t compulsory. Two patterns are involved, knotless braids and traditional braids.

  • Knotless Braids: This pattern involves integrating the extended hair parts of the natural hairs into the base without producing knots. Over the years, knotless braids have become very popular, and there is now a common favorite amongst many Box Braid clients. 
  • Traditional Box Braids: This pattern involves wrapping the natural hair base with the extended hair part, which forms a knot extension at the hair’s scalp.

Box braids are not only the best options for women who decide not to style their hair, but they are also the best option for people looking for a protective hairstyle that will be very suitable for them. 

Box braids will keep your hair protected against natural factors in the environment. Some of these natural factors include heat, friction on the clothes, and other forms of breakage.

Who Are These Box Braids Great For?

There are no common rules that define who these braids are best for. As long as you have a lot of natural hair on your head, you can choose to do Box Braids anytime you want. There are various kinds of Box Braids that you can make depending on your preference. They are as follows:

Large Box Braids: These kinds of box braids are thick and large, making them stand out when fixed.

Medium Box Braids: These kinds of braids are the most popular types with customers. Their widths are almost like the tip of a pencil.

Small Box Braids: These kinds of braids are mostly the types with tiny plaits.

Process Of Making a Box Braids

  • Ensure that the strands of the braids are adequately cleaned before the fixing procedures get started since this hairstyle is long-term.

  • Ensure that the hair is adequately moisturized and dried up before you start adding the extensions. Making use of hydrating oil will be the best option instead of making use of cream or any other serum. The purpose of using hydrating oil helps moisturize the hair.

  • Ensure that the process is a pain and stress-free one. Should you feel any pain during the process, make sure that your stylist is notified immediately. It will help the stylist to relieve pressure on the hair. However, too much pressure on the hair might break the hair along the way.

  • Ensure that at least 5 to 12 hours of spare time to ensure that your stylist correctly installs the braid. It is very vital because the installment needs a considerable amount of time to ensure that the hairstyle lasts long term

Are Box Braids Long-Term?

Once you have completed your box braid installments, it should be able to last you as long as six weeks before you can think of making any retouches to it.  However, this will only be possible with proper maintenance of the hair. 

Ensuring the scalps are neat and securing the smooth edges are examples of adequate maintenance of box braids. On the other hand, one of the best ways to ensure that your box braids last long term is to ensure that they are well protected using a satin cap while you sleep with the right product. 

An excellent example of such products can be oil or conditioner. All these are necessary to ensure that the hair is slippery and that the extension removes easily without tension involved in the process.

You should know about box braids because it is a protective style of hair that can inflict damage to the scalp if it isn’t installed properly or removed correctly. Once your braids are not installed the right way, there’s every probability that your natural hair will get damaged in the process. 

It is why your hair should be properly installed to ensure that such damages do not happen. To make sure that these damages are prevented makes sure that you take note of the following tips:

  • Ensure that you make use of a professional stylist that knows the job. If possible, make sure that you interview the stylist before booking a session with them. During the interview process, you can choose to ask them for picture samples of their previous job so that you will have an idea of what you’re getting yourself into. Working with an experienced stylist ensures that you get the results you want.

  • If you’re still feeling afraid that there is a possibility that you might damage your natural hair, you could instead go for a knotless braid. A knotless braid that is installed correctly is one of the best ways that your hair can stay traction-free, preventing hair breakage and damage.

    However, before you consider a knotless braid technique, you should know that knotless braids also take a long time to be complete, unlike the other kinds of braid techniques. However, this might be worth it for the sake of your hair’s wellbeing.

  • Ensure that you use the right product that is the best for hydration. It will ensure that the hair isn’t dry as the process is being carried out. One of the best hydration products is hydrating oil.

    When you apply hydrating oil to your hair, it also goes a long way to help hydrate the braids and give the hair the proper shine it needs. Using oily and watery products is the best option for this.

  • Apply a product that will help ensure that the build-up is softened adequately with the right product. An excellent example of such products can be oil or conditioner. All these are necessary to ensure that the hair is slippery and that the extension removes easily without tension involved in the process.

Is After Care Needed For Box Braids?

Box Braids are protective styles that require low aftercare, so you won’t be too busy looking for means to maintain your Box Braids. However, aftercare should be carried out once in a while, not all the time. So there are ways to make sure that your box braids get the necessary after that; it needs to give it the brilliant shine and the fresh look it needs.

The first method that will play a significant role in making this possible is applying moisturizer to your hair. No matter the texture of your hair, it needs to be moisturized. Although most people’s hair can have intertwined extensions, the hair still requires moisture.

In some cases, it will be best that you use shampoo to wash the braids to stop the products from building in your hair. However, make sure that the shampoo you’re using is very mild for your hair. During the washing of the hair, make sure that you don’t apply too much force while scrubbing the hair.

Your vital focus should be on making sure that your scalps are well cleansed. When you are cleaning your hair, you should make sure that during the cleansing process, you should make sure that you wash the hair in a downward manner that makes sure that the entire length is well cleansed.

In most cases, you can make use of nozzle-tipped scalp purifiers to apply through your hair to remove all sorts of dirt from your scalp. Conditioners will not be necessary all the time, unless in some cases where you might need to apply a few at the tips of the braids.

Final Thoughts

Box Braids are an essential hairstyle that has become prominent today, and it has become highly used by people from all walks of life.

From this article, you can now have a basic understanding of everything about Box Braids and the installation process before your next salon session with your stylist.


If you have any questions, let us know in the comments!

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