Curly girl approved clarifying shampoos

A clarifying shampoo is a shampoo that contains more cleansing ingredients than a normal conditioner, but less than a shampoo. Also called a clarifying shampoo.

Clarifying shampoo to remove build-up from your hair

Are your styling products no longer doing their job properly? Then you can try washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo. 

Build-up is not only caused by hair products with silicones. For example, sweat, natural oils, pollution, and exposure to the external environment also cause a build-up. 

And a co-wash is usually not strong enough to remove it. Even if your hair is very dry or greasy, it is useful to regularly use a clarifying shampoo. 

This way you maintain beautiful and healthy hair. The Clarifying Shampoos below are Curly Girl-friendly and therefore fit well in your curly hair routine!

A clarifying shampoo purifies your hair of everything, so you can literally start your hair routine with a clean slate. There are no rules for how often you can clarify your hair. 

Many people use it once a week, others once a month. By trying it out you will find out what works best for your curls. 

Are they dull, dry, lifeless and lifeless? Then it’s time! In the long run you will know exactly when it is time to use a clarifying shampoo for your curls. 

If you go to the beach and pool a lot in summer, you may need to use it more often. This is to wash all the sand, sea salt, sunscreen and chlorine from your hair. 

After you’ve clarified your hair, it’s best to use a hair mask or deep conditioner. Your hair can become quite stiff. Then follow your normal styling routine.