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Discover the porosity of your hair

If you want to start with the curly girl method, it is important that you know your hair characteristics. In addition to porosity, we also explain everything about your curl type, hair thickness and density and the elasticity of your hair.

Hair porosity is an important term in the curly girl method. No idea what this is? Porosity is the extent to which you absorb and retain moisture. It is useful to know how porous your hair is so that you can use the most suitable hair products. And that helps you keep your curls hydrated, strong and shiny! Your hair can have high, normal or low porosity, and in this blog, we will help you figure it out.

In this article:

In this article:

Three types of hair porosity

Low porosity

Does your hair stay wet for a long time after washing? Then there is a good chance that your hair has a low porosity. 

This type of hair has a cuticle layer with flat, overlapping scales. This reflects light, which usually makes the hair look shiny. 

But this also keeps moisture on the hair before it is absorbed.

Normal porosity

Is your hair very easy to care for? Then you probably have hair with normal hair porosity. 

The cuticle layer is looser, so that the good amount of moisture goes in and out. This hair also shines, but less than low porosity hair. 

It absorbs hair products well, does not quickly become oily or extremely dry. Hair with normal porosity needs the least maintenance.

High porosity (porous hair)

Does your hair dry super fast after washing? Then your hair probably has a high porosity. 

The hair cuticles are raised, so that the hair can quickly absorb moisture but does not retain it. This usually makes your hair look dull and it quickly gets tangled.

Curly Girl Technique

Test the porosity of your hair

After reading the description of the different types of hair porosity, you probably have an idea what type your hair is. But it is still good to test your hair to be sure.

First of all, you can see how quickly your hair dries after washing:

  • High porosity hair dries within 2 hours;
  • Hair with normal porosity dries within 4 to 6 hours; and
  • Low porosity hair takes more than 8 hours to dry.

Another test is as follows. Grasp one hair at the tip between your thumb and forefinger, and slide your fingers from bottom to top. 

Is that going smoothly? Then your hair probably has a low porosity. 

Do you feel a lot of bumps? Those are hair cuticles, so chances are your hair is very porous.

Don’t go blind on the results of these hair porosity tests, because not all hairs on your head are the same. See it more as an indication.

What does porosity mean for my hair care?

The porosity of your hair makes a big difference to the type of care it needs.

Tips for low porosity hair

With low porosity hair, it can be difficult to get more moisture into your hair to hydrate it better. Some tips:

  • Low porosity hair is prone to build up , so avoid heavy hair products. For example, a light jojoba oil is suitable.
  • Heat causes the hair cuticles to open up a bit, so that your hair can absorb a product better.
  • Use products on wet hair instead of dry hair to keep it well hydrated.

Tips for hair with a high porosity

High porosity hair needs a lot of grooming to get healthy. In addition, it must be well protected, so it is important to be as careful as possible. 

Some tips for high porosity hair:

  • Rinse your hair with cold water, because the hair cuticle will close due to the cold. Apple cider vinegar also takes care of this, so you can also rinse it with it.
  • Seal your hair with a gel.
  • Apply the LOC / LCO method for optimal hydration.
  • Do not use heat and stop dyeing your hair, it will only damage it.

Hopefully it is now clear to you how to determine the porosity of your hair so that you can take care of it in the best possible way!

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And now? Which hair products are right for me?

Now know everything about your hair properties, but what can you do with this knowledge? 

In our three articles about hair properties you can read about curl type, hair thickness, density, porosity and elasticity and how to determine the properties of your hair. 

Now you want to know for sure: which products are best for my hair and fit the curly girl method? We will soon write an extensive article about this. 

Keep an eye on our website.

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