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Lazy Curly Girl Method: for busy girls and their curls

Are you done with frizzy hair and want beautiful, soft and defined curls instead? But are you already getting tired when reading the explanations and techniques of the Curly Girl Method? Then the Lazy Curly Girl Method might be something for you! This is a variant of the CGM, for people who don’t feel like or have the time to follow all the rules. In this article, we’ll explain the method to make it as easy as possible for you.

In this article:

In this article:

What is de Curly Girl Method?

To understand the Lazy variant, you need to know the basics of the Curly Girl Method first. The Curly Girl Method is a hair routine that promises to bring out your curls completely. 

The method was invented by Lorraine Massey, who described it in her book ‘Curly Girl: The Handbook’. It’s a hair care method that trades harmful habits for a healthy curly hair regimen, using only nourishing products.

The Curly Girl Method is based on a few basic rules, such as:

  • Don’t wash your hair too often, and don’t wash it with a shampoo that contains sulfates. Use a CGM-proof conditioner instead.
  • Ban hair products with harmful ingredients, like silicones, sulfates and parabens.
  • Stay away from heat and styling tools, such as blow dryers, hair straighteners and curling irons.
  • Stop using brushes and combs. Preferably, detangle your hair with your fingers.
  • Don’t use towels, use a cotton shirt or a microfiber towel instead.
  • Don’t color or dye your hair.

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Curls in Kitchen

What is the lazy curly girl method?

Now we’ll start talking about the Lazy Curly Girl Method, because that’s why you’re reading this article. While reading the CGM explanation, you probably have noticed that there are a lot of rules and techniques. 

Some people enjoy them, others don’t. So don’t worry if this doesn’t appeal to you at all, you’re not alone. 

It’s meant to be fun, and that’s where the LCGM comes in!

The Lazy Curly Girl Method is based on the CGM rules, but doesn’t follow them that strictly. The most important thing is that you switch to products with no silicones, sulfates and parabens.

Lazy Curly Girl Method tips

We’re going to make this as easy as possible! Below are the steps you can follow for the Lazy Curly Girl Method.

CGM-proof products

First, collect all your hair products and check if they’re CGM-proof. You can do this very easily by looking up the products online, copying the ingredient list and pasting it into curlsbot.

You can keep using all the products that are CGM-proof.

Do you want to buy new products?Then firstly determine what your curl and hair type is, and whether your hair needs more protein or hydration.

Protein makes hair strong and healthy, it ensures growth of the hair and determines the elasticity of your hair. As a curly girl, it’s very important that your hair has the right elasticity, because you want your curl to bounce back when you pull it.

For strong and healthy hair, protein and moisture must be in balance.

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Co-washing is short for conditioner washing, which literally means using conditioner instead of shampoo. Make sure you use a CGM-proof conditioner, which is much more gentle on your hair and scalp.

Apply the conditioner to wet hair and massage it in. Just like you would with shampoo, actually.

Use your fingertips and rub the conditioner into your whole scalp. Now is also the time to detangle your hair, if you want to.

Leave the conditioner in for a few minutes and wash it out thoroughly. Isn’t your hair getting better over time? Try using a clarify, such as an apple cider vinegar rinse.

Want to know which conditioners are CGM-proof? The following brands sell silicone-free hair products:

  • Cantu
  • Dr Bronner
  • Dr Organic
  • Less is More
  • Petal Fresh
  • Pure Nuff stuff
  • Shea Moisture
  • Yes to…

Of course there are exceptions. Would you still like to wash your hair with a shampoo?

Then you can use the DevaCurl Low-Poo Original Daily Cleanser for example, which is sulfate-free and gently removes impurities from your hair.

Deep conditioning

Deep conditioning is a treatment method for your hair that aims to nourish your hair through the use of a good conditioner. Curly hair is naturally drier than straight hair, and therefore needs more hydration.

And that’s what deep conditioners are made for! This is a step that you don’t have to do every time after co-washing, once a week is enough.

Apply a lot of product to your wet hair and focus on your ends, because that’s where your curls are often the driest. Leave it on for about twenty minutes. 

You can put on a shower cap, so that you can do something else in the meantime and not have to wait. A plastic bag also works if you don’t have a shower cap. 

The natural heat on your scalp, which is kept well on your head by the shower cap, also helps the product to absorb better. If necessary, wrap a towel around it. 

Then rinse the deep conditioner out well, preferably with cold water.

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Lazy Curly Girl Method styling

The styling part is different for every Curly Girl, so you can play with that a little bit. One person likes gel, the other mousse, and yet another one loves cream. 

The trick to this is to apply the products to wet hair. After rinsing out the co-wash or deep conditioner, lean over and rinse your hair upside down with cool water. 

Turn off the tap and apply the hair product of choice to your hair, using the praying hands method. 

You do this as follows: apply the product to your hands, place your hands together in a praying position, with your hair in between. 

Slide your hands down in this position – from the root to the tip – so you apply the product gently without disturbing the curl.

Next up is scrunching: make a bowl with your hands and hold them under the ends of the hair. Using a cupping motion, take your hair from the ends to the scalp, and gently squeeze in a repetitive motion. 

Repeat this several times throughout your hair.

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Drying your curls

Plopping is an easy technique for drying your hair without damaging it. In addition, it provides more definition, less frizz and helps your hair dry faster. To plop your hair, you need a cotton T-shirt or microfiber towel.

Place the T-shirt or towel on the bed or on a chair, flip your hair forward and place your wet hair on the center of the fabric. Grab the shirt or cloth at the top and place it over your hair on your neck. 

Then grab the sleeves of the shirt or the bottom of the cloth and fold it over your forehead to the back. Tie the sleeves or the cloth together, and there you have it!

You can plop your hair after you got out of the shower and applied your styling products. Hold it on your head for ten to twenty minutes, take it off, and let your hair air dry. 

Another way is to plop your hair at night and go to bed with it. Experiment and see what works best for you.

Are you not feeling it or don’t have time for this? Then you can use a hair dryer with a diffuser. 

Alternate the warm setting with the cold, to protect your curls and close the hair cuticles.

Is your hair completely dry and has a cast or hard layer formed on your hair? Then it’s time for the Scrunch out the Crunch technique. 

To do this, hang your head upside down, grab parts of your hair and squeeze gently until you feel the hard layer break. Work from your ends towards your roots. 

The result: beautiful curls!

Refresh your curls

So you’re co-washing your hair as little as possible. But what about the days when you don’t wash your hair? 

You refresh your curls. With a refresh you are able to bring your curls back into their shape the days after washing, without washing it.

Moisten your hair, in the shower or with a spray bottle, with a mix of water and leave in-conditioner. Then you scrunch again and let your hair dry. 

Sometimes it helps to use some extra styling products.

What do you think, does the Lazy Curly Girl Method appeal to you? Let us know on Instagram! Also if you have questions; we’re here to help!


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