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How to save money on hair products for curls

Want to save money on hair products? We totally get that. Because people with curls generally spend a little more time and money on their hair. We use multiple products at once in our hair routine, enjoy trying out new products, and secretly hope that THE product that makes our hair perfect is still waiting for us somewhere. So if we can save some money anywhere in that process: great! Every bit helps, right? In this blog we’ll share our best tips for saving money on hair products.

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In this article:

In this article:

How to save money on hair products

1. Find out your hair characteristics

If you know what your curl type, the porosity and elasticity of your hair are, you know what your hair needs and you can buy products that will work well for your hair. 

This prevents you from buying hair products that are not ideal for your hair, and can therefore be thrown away (or exchanged with another curlie, which is a more sustainable option). 

So take your time figuring out your hair characteristics, because it can save you a lot of money on hair products!

2. Give products time to do their job

Of course you prefer to see a nice result immediately after using a new hair product. But if you’re not satisfied after the first use, don’t throw it out right away.

Some products take a while to do their job. Or maybe you have to use it in a different way?

Try several ways and give the product a bit more time. This way you avoid having to buy a new product, while this one may work well the second time!


3. Swap hair products

Did you use the hair product several times in different ways, and are you sure it doesn’t work for your hair? Then see if you can swap it with another curly. 

Because what doesn’t work for your hair, can work very well for someone else’s – and vice versa! In addition, exchanging is a lot more sustainable than throwing it away.

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4. Don't use too much product

Are you lathering your hair with products? We get it, it feels nice. 

But in reality, it dries the hair and damages it. And besides that, it’s wasteful. 

Depending on how much hair you have, a dime-size amount of a product can have the same effect! 

And by reducing the amount of product you use in your hair, you improve its condition, save product and save money.

If you tend to use a lot of product in your curls, try a different application method. For example, divide your hair into sections first and then apply the product. 

Another option is with a Roots Only Comb Applicator. This is a hair tool with a comb with small holes, which ensures an even distribution of the product. 

This means you’ll never use more than necessary! You can use it for an oil, shampoo, leave-in conditioner, deep conditioner and hair dye.

cada cuánto tiempo hay que lavarse el pelo

5. Buy hair products on sale

This is probably an obvious one, but for the curlies who don’t know this: hair products are often on sale. 

So keep an eye out for offers from your local or online drugstore, so you can stock up on your favorite products when they’re cheaper! 

Sign up for newsletters, for example, so that you will be immediately informed of the latest offers. Sometimes the discount is up to 50%! 

Also often done is 1+1 for free. Great if you use the product a lot, and otherwise you may be able to buy it together with a curly friend.

6. Use samples of hair products

Samples are ideal to test a hair product and see if it works well for your curls, before buying a full size packaging. 

You often get samples in magazines or at events, but you can also buy them online. Or buy the travel size packaging!

7. Buy your favorite products in bulk

If you have a favorite product that works well for your hair, buy it in bulk. A large package may seem like an expensive purchase at the moment, but because it lasts longer, it will save you money in the future. 

Just be sure to buy products you know and love.

De Ingrediënten In Haarproducten Voor Krullen: Een Uitleg

8. DIY hair products

Did you know that you can also easily make CG-proof hair products yourself, with ingredients that you probably have in the kitchen? It’s fun to do and saves money. 

Examples of hair products that you can make yourself are:

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9. Go to a curl specialist

Don’t just have your hair cut by a random hairdresser, but go to a curl specialist! 

Preferably one that has been recommended to you by someone else, so that you know for sure that you’re in the right place.

This may cost a little more money, but it’s more beneficial in the long run. Hair products can’t improve the condition of your curls. 

But a new haircut, which has been cut with the best fitting cutting technique, can! So always be sure to ask around for recommendations from those whose hair you do like. 

Also: many salons have referral programs, so you can earn a free or discounted haircut for telling your friends.

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Do you have any other tips on how to save money on hair products? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. My hair is not very good. They often fall out which worries me. So I had to buy a lot of hair products. After reading your article, I have more experience to choose hair care products.

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