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9 gifts for people with curly hair

Looking for an unique gift for someone with curly hair, that’s useful too? Then you’ve come to the right place! We know better than anyone what someone with curls can use. Great for someone’s birthday, Mother’s Day, an anniversary, or just randomly. In this blog we’ll share 9 great gifts for people with curly hair. Success guaranteed!

In this article:

In this article:

9 gifts for people with curly hair

Maintaining curls with all of the hair products, cost of haircuts, and extras, can really add up for people with curly hair. So gifts that help with this are always welcome. We’ve listed 9 gift ideas for every budget: from cheap to expensive.

Water spray bottle

Curly hair is styled when wet, and a mist spray bottle is ideal for that. It sprays continuously, so that it’s well distributed over the hair. This water bottle not only makes your hair more beautiful, but also makes your life easier. And, it’s also very useful for refreshing curls on the days after a washing day.

Satin pillowcase

A satin pillowcase provides less frizz, tangles and split ends than a version made of cotton. A cotton pillowcase is much rougher, causing your hair to rub together. In addition, cotton absorbs moisture and extracts the natural oils that are present on the hair and scalp. Satin doesn’t, so the moisture stays in place. A pillowcase made of satin or silk creates less friction, keeping your curls intact and reducing hair breakage. Bonus: it’s also good at preventing wrinkles! When buying a satin pillowcase, make sure you don’t buy a satin cotton pillowcase.

Satin bonnet

Satin scrunchie

Reusable shower cap

Deep conditioning is an important part of the Curly Girl Method routine. This is an extra nourishing hair mask that you can leave on for a long time. You can see it as an extra treatment to restore dry and damaged hair. The secret to deep conditioning is in the time it takes to absorb the product. The benefits of deep conditioning are more beautiful, healthy and shiny curls that shape better. A reusable shower cap is very useful when deep conditioning, to make sure the deep conditioner doesn’t get all over the place. A plastic bag also works, but a reusable shower cap is just a little bit nicer, and therefore a good gift!

Also read: Tips for deep conditioning your hair

Microfiber towel

Chances are, the person you’re buying the gift for is using an old cotton t-shirt to dry their curls. But there are much more convenient ways to do this! For example with a microfiber towel. You can buy this in the form of a turban, so it’s super easy for hair plopping. A microfiber towel is gentle on curly hair and dries it in half the time as a regular bath towel. Side note: if he or she already has a microfiber towel, it’s not a bad idea to give another one. Handy for when the other one is in the laundry!

Massaging shampoo brush

Although there’s nothing better than a relaxing scalp massage, a massaging shampoo brush has more benefits. It’s a good tool for cleaning the scalp from build up, flakes and dandruff. Besides that, it increases blood flow to the hair follicles which promotes hair growth.

Denman Brush

The Denman Brush is a brush especially for curly hair. It promises to get your hair out of tangle more easily without breaking or frizz, giving your hair a nice curl definition and extra volume. Even for people with curl type 4, who almost all swear off brushes, this brush can help in detangling the hair without causing frizz. 

What makes the Denman Brush special is that you can adapt it to your hair and needs, by removing rows yourself. But, before you buy one, it’s good to know that there is not just one type of brush. Read this article first: Discover which Denman Brush you need.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

With these gifts you’ll make people with curly hair very happy! Any questions? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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