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Días de sol: Cómo cuidar tus rizos este verano

¿Tus rizos de verano son como una caja de bombones, nunca estás segura de lo que te va a tocar? ¿Te preguntas cómo proteger tus rizos de la humedad, los rayos UV y los daños causados por el baño?  En este blog te daremos algunos consejos para ayudarte a mantener tus rizos felices y sanos este verano.

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Next to the basics of the Curly Girl Method, it is important to adjust your hair routine to your own hair properties. In addition to porosity, it is good to know more about your curl type, hair thickness, density and the elasticity of your hair.

Once you know your curl type, you can adjust your routine, products and hairstyles accordingly. With this knowledge you can provide a more beautiful and healthier curl. To make sure this curl will also survive the challenges of summer, we have made you a list of our Curly Girl approved tips.

Protect your curls from UV radiation

Even though your hair won’t get sunburned, it does have a heavy lifting on your curls. By exposing your hair to the sun the UV rays will sap out the strength and elasticity, slowly fading and drying out your curls. So what to do? Protect your curls by reducing the time your hair is exposed to the sun by wearing a stylish hat or by wrapping it in a (satin/ silk) scarf.

Having a good hair day and in the mood to show off your curls? Protect your strands with UV filtering Curly Girl approved product, such as Kérastase – Soleil – Crème UV Sublime Leave-In.

Tropical beauties

Prepare your curls for that dive

Did you know that dry hair quickly absorbs chlorine and sea salt, stripping your hair from their natural oil and leaving it dry and frizzy. You can easily fix this by making sure you wet your hair with fresh water before diving in, your hair only absorbs a certain amount of water and by soaking it in fresh water it will absorb that instead of the chlorine. To extra protect your hair you can condition it, this can be done with a co-wash or by applying a leave-in conditioner.  This will moisture your curls and protect them from damaging influences. When searching for the right conditioner make sure it doesn’t contain any silicones, sulfates and parabens.

By taking a shower and rinsing your hair with fresh water immediately after swimming you can also reduce chlorine and sea salt damage. Preferably use warm water while this will open up the pores in your hair shaft for optimal rinsing result. Afterwards make sure to moisturize again with a leave-in conditioner to keep those healthy natural curls.

Skip washing for a weekend

As many of us curly girls know humidity and curls equals frizz and unfortunately summer is an humid season. Try skipping your shampoo for three days. After these days your scalp will naturally adjust it’s oil production to compensate within the first week. In need of or just feeling like a refresh in between washings, in this blog you can read all about our favourite Curly Girl refresh tips.

The miracle of Hydrating

Drinking enough water. Our hair thrives on moisture and by hydrating you can moisturize your hair from the inside out. When we consume enough water, up to eight glasses a day, we sustain cell health and stimulate cell growth leading to that vigorous glow.  

Discourage frizz by Moisturizing

Next to moisturizing your hair from the inside, by drinking enough water, you can also boost your curls by applying moisturizing products. Which nourishing hair products suits you best depends on the porosity, curl type, hair thickness, density and the elasticity of your hair. In our previous blog you can find more about which Curly Girl approved products best fit your kind of curls.

Which of these tips are you going to apply this summer? Feel free to contact us on Instagram, we love to know!

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