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Kurlify is your homebase when it comes to coils, waves, curls and everything else regarding the Curly Girl Method. We will tell you what products are the best for your hair type, if your curls need extra proteïne (or not), how to wash, style and take care of them and much, much more…At Kurlify you can find our top tips for hair care, our reviews on different hair products and you can read all about the curly adventures our very own bloggers embark on.

A few words from our founder Emma

Curly hair is gorgeous, even though sometimes it needs some extra attention and care compared to straight hair do’s. Luckily more and more Curly Girls are willing to do what it takes: they embrace their natural hair texture with love. And rightly so: viva la curls!

For years I went to the hairdresser on a weekly basis, to get my hair blow dried, because I thought it made me look more presentable. Until I got tired of it. Yes, my hair was shining like a pearl after each visit and it didn’t need any care or styling product for over a week, but it also became thin, brittle and dry as the Sahara desert.
On top of that, I was getting tired of the amount of time and money I was spending on it every week.

Insert the Curly Girl Method: I saw this trend pop up on Reddit & Facebook every now and then and getting rid of certain harmful ingredients in my hair routine seemed like a good idea too. But the overwhelming amount of information about and the complexity of the method put me off…

After days of scouring various websites, Facebook groups and fora in search of The Golden Tips, I realized that I hadn’t seen a single place where all the information was clearly & reliably put together.

That’s where and why the idea of Kurlify was born. The first Corona lockdown turned out to be the perfect time to launch the Kurlify website, together with my business partners Karim & Desmond and our web design talent Romy. And that website quickly proved to be an enormous success. We now have more than a million (!) visitors worldwide visiting our website and we’ve launched a webshop for the Dutch and Belgian markets – stocked with our favourite products!

It is our mission to make people fall in love again with their curls, waves or coils. By sharing valuable information about the best hair care for each hair type and by offering the best hair products in our webshop, we make the world a better place, one curl at a time.

At Kurlify we have the ambition and drive to keep growing and to let everyone with curly, wavy or coily hair shine and love their hair to the max!

Our team full of curls

The Kurlify team consists of passionate young curly heads who will do anything to make you and your hair shine like never before. Why that is so important to them? Because “ain’t nobody got time for this” for sure also applies to treating your precious curls with the wrong products. The right care really does pay off. Just look at the radiant locks of team Kurlify…
Emma Morrison
Desmond Boateng
Desmond Boateng
Demi Spreij
Dashshield Hoefdraad Kurlify
Shield Hoefdraad
Manissa Kurlify
Manissa Nadyara
Desmond Boateng

A few words from our CMO Desmond

My sister, who has been an avid fan of the Curly Girl Method for some time now, made me take care of my hair ‘Curly Girl style’ for a while already. So when Emma approached me, saying she wanted to start the Kurlify brand, I thought that was a great idea.

Since researching my way into the Curly Girl Method, I’ve come to realize how fascinating the broader cultural & social context of the method is. For example: maintaining your natural hair has been a big trend in America for some time now and I’m also seeing more and more natural afros around me. People are moving away from chemical straightening and wigs, and in doing so they are increasingly embracing their natural hair texture – and rightly so. I would love to celebrate that!
After all, we’ve seen enough perfect pictures on Instagram by now: the average beauty standard is unrealistic. We prefer to embrace our roots and everything that comes with them – Kurlify can serve as a fire starter to that counter-movement going.

Besides, it doesn’t hurt to get on the sustainability train. We’re encountering the same idea more and more in the world of hair products, so we like to go along with that!

Last, but not least: through Kurlify we also have the unique opportunity to support many black & female owned businesses. For example, do you already know the products of CURLS, Mixed Chicks & SheaMoisture?

A good hair day is when my curls are popping. Sometimes my curls and waves, they like to go a little wild sometimes. They have a mind of their own. But some days, they just fall right into place.
– Zendaya

What we stand for


Inclusivity & diversity

o We are here for every hair type: whether you have straight hair, wavy hair, curly hair or coily hair.
o We celebrate diversity in the broadest way possible: we represent all shapes, sizes, shades and genders.
o We would love to help not only women, but men, non-binary individuals and everyone else achieve the most beautiful curls.


Health & environment

o We believe it is important to reduce our waste to the minimum and to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible.
o We use fewer and fewer products that contain harmful chemicals: that means healthier hair and a healthier planet.
o We <3 vegan brands that don't test their products on animals.


Flexibility & personality

o The Curly Girl Method can be easily adapted to your and every lifestyle
o We encourage you to make it as easy as possible for yourself (for example, read about our Lazy Girl Method)
o We offer products and tips for natural curls, but we take care of styled hairstyles as well.

How to get in contact with us

Do you want to join our Kurlify community? Or do you have a question or feedback for us? Please don’t hesitate to reach us via:


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