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Discover which Denman Brush you need

Curly hair that is tangled up is no fun. Do you want to detangle your hair quickly? Or use a brush with which you can make beautiful curls? Then use a good hairbrush for curls, such as the Denman Brush. In this article, we explain what makes this brush so special and which type suits your hair best.

In this article:

In this article:

Start creating a new beauty routine

In the book Curly Girl Method by Lorraine Massey you can read that a brush does not fit in the Curly Girl Method hair routine.

But there are rules… to be creative with. Because what if there is a hairbrush that is different from the standard ones?

That does not pull your curls apart, but instead ensures beautiful coils without damaging your hair and making it frizz?

That brush exists, it is called the Denman Brush. And Denman loves your hair! It doesn’t matter if you use it on dry or wet hair.

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What is a Denman Brush and what is it's secret?

A Denman Brush is a brand of hairbrush that is available at many online hairdressing stores such as Haarpro and Kapperskorting, but also sells them.

They are not (yet) sold at a shop like Etos and Kruidvat.

Denman Brush - Kurlify

Why is the Denman Brush so famous?

The brush is famous among curlies, precisely because it is suitable for curls.

It promises to get your coils out of tangle more easily without breaking or frizz, giving your hair nice definition and extra volume. Before with wet hair or after blow drying.

And that promise is more than true to the brush for many women: if you enter the two words on YouTube you will find out soon enough. 

Even for type 4 women, who almost all swear off brushes, this can help in detangling the hair without causing frizz.

How can I choose out all of the Denman Brushes?

If you’ve tried one and it simply does not work for your hair, we’ve broken down the different types of styling brushes that will help you create curl definition.

What makes Denman special is that you can adjust the brush. You can remove rows yourself, allowing you to completely adapt it to your hair and needs.

You can brush your hair on wet hair or after blow drying your hair.

The different types of Denman Brushes

Before you go to the first best webshop to throw a Denman in your shopping cart, it is good to know that there is not just one type of hairbrush.

On the contrary, there are many different types of Denman Brushes.

Just like your type, the brush has different categories to suit different types of hair and different needs of your hair.

How can I learn more about my curl pattern?

You can find out about your curl pattern with our help. The curl pattern is only one element of your hair type, alongside other traits like density, porosity, width, and length.

Denman Brush: The Original Styler

The Denman brushes in the ‘Original Styler’ collection are used the most. These brushes have round-headed nylon pins arranged in rows.

The pins are on a red rubber semicircular bed. You have small, medium and large variants.

But which one do I need for my hair type?

The type of brush that you are looking for for your different curls hair type is a type D ‘Original Styler’. When determining which one you need, you mainly look at the number of rows and pins on the brush.

Four different types of brushes

In this article we will discuss four types, all of them ‘Original Stylers’. These Denman brushes are most commonly used with natural bristles:

  • Denman D3 medium, 7 rows – more pins, close together
  • Denman D31 medium, 7 rows – less pins, further apart
  • Denman D4 large, 9 rows – more pins, close together
  • Denman D41 large, 9 rows – fewer pins, further apart
  • Denman D3 and D31 brushes with 7 rows of pins, medium size, are suitable for short to medium natural hair
  • Denman D4 and D41 brushes with 9 rows of pins, large size, are suitable for medium to long hair
  • Denman D31 and D41 brushes with more space between the pins are more suitable for detangling your hair
  • Denman D3 and D4 brushes with little space between the pins are more suitable for improving your definition

It seems at first glance that D3 and D31 and D4 and D41 are the same brushes. But there is a difference between these brushes.

The structure, length and thickness determines how many rows and pins you need and therefore which type of Denman Brush you need. The brushes have natural bristles.

The Denman Brush: D3 and D31

Both the Denman Brush D3 and D31 brushes have seven rows of pins. With their medium size, they are suitable for short to medium types. 

If you have tight coils we recommend the D31. The difference between these types is as follows:

  • D3 has more pins, which are closer together. This one is therefore suitable for improving your hair definition.

  • D31 has fewer pins, which are further apart. This one is therefore suitable for detangling your hair.

The Denman Brush: D4 and D41

The D4 and D41 brushes have nine rows of pins. With their large size, they are suitable for medium to long hair. The difference between these types is as follows:

  • D4 has more pins, which are closer together. This one is therefore suitable for improving your definition.
  • D41 has fewer pins, which are further apart. This one is therefore suitable for detangling your hair.

Hairbrush for curl type 2A, 2B and 2C: wavy hair

For people with type 2, it is often more important that curls become a coherent whole than taking apart your tangles. Often your hair is also finer and thinner.

Then the following applies: the closer the hair pins are together, the more curl definition. The Denman D3 or D4 is therefore very suitable for this, depending on the length of your hair.

Hairbrush for curl type 3A, 3B and 3C: curly hair

People with curl type 3 are between curl type 2 and type 4 for the Denman type. Just like coilies with type 4 you have a lot of curls and therefore a lot of tangles.

For short to medium hair, a D31 brush is also a good choice for you. Do you have medium to long hair? Then we recommend D41.

Do you want to give your hair some extra sway , schwung or sexyness ? Then you can also go for the types that promise to improve your curl definition: D3 or D4.

If on the other hand you are looking for a detangling brush, these are the best brushes for detangling curls, according to curl stylists and hair experts.

Hairbrush for curl type 4A, 4B and 4C: coily hair

Blessed with curl type 4? People with coily hair have a lot of curls that are close together. 

Very nice, but unfortunately it also means that you spend a lot of time detangling your hair and defining curls.

You can use an afro comb, but a Denman Brush where the rows and hair brushes are far apart is also suitable. D31 is your match!

If you find that you can’t get it through your tangled hair properly, you can cut out some extra rows.

This way your natural hair will not get stuck and it will not break off.

Tips for using and styling curly hair

Hopefully you now know which one you need for your curls. To make sure you get the most out of the Denman Brush, we would like to share a few more tips:

  • Always use the Denman brushes on wet or dry hair. You can blow drying before styling your hair.
  • Always use a slip detangling conditioner before brushing.
  • Great to use in the shower when shampooing to properly distribute all the product on your scalp and give your head a nice scalp massage to stimulate blood flow. Your scalp will love this!
  • Really take the time to comb your wet hair. Take it slowly to avoid pulling out unnecessary hair.
  • Toss your wet hair over, divide it into sections and brush tuft by tuft.
  • Brush from your roots towards your ends, pins facing up.
  • When you remove the hairstyler from your dry hair, turn your curl outward a quarter turn.
  • When you have had all the strands, move your head from side to side so that your curls fall lightly.
  • You can remove rows from the brush. In general, the more pins there are in the brush, the finer you can comb your hair. Many women have adapted it in such a way that there are alternating rows.
  • If you find that you really have a lot of pain while brushing and your hair breaks off, the brush is not the right one for you.
  • We are often told not to comb our dry hair at all as curlies, but when used correctly brushes and combs can be important tools in wet detangling, dry detangling, and styling curly hair.
  • The more pins there are in the brush, the finer you brush your hair. Many women have adapted the Denman Brush in such a way that there are alternating rows.
  • If you find that you really have a lot of pain while brushing and your hair breaks off, the Denman Brush is not the right brush for you.

Removing rows in thick curly hair with wet or dry hair

So what is super handy is that you can adjust the bristles to your personal needs. Many people use the comb in its original state because it works perfectly for tight wet curls.

But in some cases it can be helpful to adjust the bristles so that it has fewer rows of pins.

For example, if you have a lot of hair with a thicker and fuller texture waves. In that case, remove a number of rows from your hairbrush, so that you can detangle your wet hair and make it shiny. 

If you remove a row every row with a D3 medium, it has 3 rows left.

With the soft nylon bristles that gets rid of tangles without pulling or damaging hair. It makes styling a lot easier and healthier with these bristles.

The Denman brushes detangles thick or waves with ease. We forget that the styling and detangling tools we use are just as important as choosing your conditioner.

So we hope that with this information you know more about the use of the hairstyler.

The founder of Denman John Denman Dean

Founder Denman

John Denman Dean, also known as Jack Dean, was many things: pioneer, adventurer, philosopher, inventor, entrepreneur, consulting engineer, author and inventor of the original Denman brush. The Northern Irishman founded the company in 1938. The Denman brand was acquired by the Rainey family in 1972.

The story of the famous Denman brush begins before World War II in New York. Businessman John Denman Dean became acquainted with the material Nylon and immediately saw the possibilities of taking advantage of it In 1946, he founded the Denman brush compan..

Years later, hairdressers and stylists considered the good brush as a professional brush in all hairdressing salons. Thanks to the Denman brush, many people got beautiful curls and better curl definition. Therefore, the popularity of Denman brush grew at home and abroad, and more and more kinds of Denman brushes came out on the market.

Meanwhile, many curly heads have discovered this professional brush. The popularity of the Denman brush continues to grow and the company is owned by the Rain family. Today, the brush is still a leader in all hairdressing salons.

What is Denman?

Denman is a brand that sells different types of Denman brushes. Unlike other professional brushes, whose function is to comb the hair, the Denman brush is a styling brush. The Denman brush is a competitor of the tangle teezer.

As mentioned above, this styling brush is made of rubber and nylon. As a result, the fine brush is lightweight, comfortable and has a good grip. It is good to know that you can remove the rubber pad yourself, the rows of teeth with pins.

This means that instead of a rubber pad with 7 rows, you can insert a rubber pad with 9 rows into the brush. So you can style your hair even better.

Together with the nylon bobby pins, the rubber pad prevents frizziness of the hair.

Do you follow the CG method? Then the Denman brush fits perfectly into your hair routine. This professional brush does not damage the hair and provides better curl definition. It gives a different effect than a normal brush. In other words, the brush has many advantages.

Among all the popular brands of hair brushes, Denman is the most famous among curling irons.

Denman brushes work for my hair type

Now you might be wondering “Why do I, as a curly head, need to add Denman brush to my hair routine and which Denman brush suits my hair type?”.

First of all, of course you don’t have to! However, the Denman brush has a number of advantages that will help you style your hair better and make your curls shine even more.

The first advantage is that the soft brush is lightweight and made of plastic. There are no pins in the bristles. This makes the brush a tangle tamer, which cannot damage or break the hair. Perfect for people with curly hair and who follow the CG Method. Breaking or damaging the hair is what other brushes with pins do.

The second advantage is that the shape is semi-circular. This fine brush shape ensures that, when using the Denman brush, better defined curls are achieved.

In addition, the material of the brush means that the hair does not fluff up, so you will get beautiful curly hair under the fluff.

Another advantage for curly heads is that the Denman brush is very easy to clean. As a curly head, you use a lot of products and there is a big chance that hairs will get stuck in the brush.

That’s why it’s very convenient that the Denman brush is so easy to clean. This way you can style your hair with a clean Denman brush every time.

The brush can be used for all types of curly hair, but can also be used by people with medium-long hair. It can be used for different purposes.

The fine brush can also be used in combination with other products, such as a leave-in conditioner.

Which are the most popular Denman brushes?

The brushes in the “Original Styler” collection are the most commonly used. The type of Denman brush suitable for curls is an ‘Original Styler’ D-type brush.

When deciding which brush you need, look at the number of rows and pins it has. For example, 9 rows or 7 rows of bobby pins will ensure that your hair is brushed out gently.

Generally, the more pins the brush has, the finer the brushed hair will be. Many women have adapted the Denman brush to have alternating rows.

Since there are dozens of types of professional brushes, it is important to find out which Denman brush is best suited to your curls.

The D3 is a smaller version of the D4. It has fewer rows of bristles. The D31 brush is a smaller version of the D41. This brush has fewer rows of bristles.

The iconic Denman D3 Original Styler is the most versatile 7-row hair brush. The perfect brush for defining and transforming curls, detangling, straightening and blow drying. Brilliant on straight hair to create the perfect bob style, AND it’s also ideal for defining curls.

What is a Denman brush made of?

Denman brushes are made with strong nylon bristles that provide the tension needed to create more defined curls. It has a rounded pad that helps prevent static electricity that causes hair frizz.

It is a versatile tool that can be used to style, straighten and define your natural hair type.

It also has an ergonomically shaped handle that provides a good grip when brushing curly hair.

How to clean the brush safely

The brushes are cleverly designed for thorough cleaning. They are manufactured as separate components, so it is very easy to slide the pad and remove the pins for thorough cleaning. After thoroughly cleaning the brush, it is easy to slide the pins back into the brush. Then you can safely and hygienically use the brush again. Clean the brush regularly, so the brush will stay in good condition for a long time and the quality of your hair will not deteriorate.

Denman brushes are designed to be washed in the sink with soap and water.

Make sure the bristles are completely wet before washing.

If the bristles are not completely wet, they will clog the drain and cause damage to your machine.

Can you use a Denman brush on wet hair?

Use a brush while your hair is wet to get the most defined curls. When your hair is wet and saturated with curl-enhancing products, the brush glides easily over the curls. This allows you to create the perfect amount of curl without tangles.

When the hair is wet, the curls often look like waves, but take on a three-dimensional swirl shape when dry. Each curl of this hair type can be unique.

Do not use the brush on dry hair. Do not use the brush to detangle the hair. Instead, use your fingers and a wide-tooth comb to detangle stubborn knots.

Do not brush damp hair that does not have product on it.

The different Denman brushes

There are dozens of brushes, but which one is right for your hair? The Denman brush is suitable for anyone with curly hair, so it doesn’t matter if you have short, long, medium or long hair.

In addition, the hair brush is also suitable for different hair types, from wavy to curly. This is because the Denman brush has many different types of bristles.

So there is always a fine brush to suit your hair. You can use the Denman brush in different ways. For example, you can use the Denman brush to half-turn each strand of hair. Wanneer je deze pluk vervolgens scruncht ontstaat er een mooie gedefinieerde krul.

You can also combine this technique with the Rake & Shake technique. With the Rake and Shake technique, you first run your hands through the hair and then shake each strand to loosen it.

You can also apply the Denman brush using the finger coiling technique. With finger coiling you twist the curls of the hair with your fingers. You take a strand of hair and twist it with your fingers from the root. You can also use the Denman brush for this.

In addition, Denman also has the Tangle Tamer line.

If you have no idea what some of the techniques mentioned in the text above mean, I recommend you read the blog. There are also many videos on YouTube on how to use the Denman brush. Good luck.

Hopefully it is now clear to you which Denman is your best brush and ideal match and continue with defining curls! Do you have any questions?

Let us know in the comments below! You can easily purchase in our online shop!

Let’s start styling and create a new beauty routine with your new tools!


  1. Curious; if I got a Denman 9 row, and my hair would be better with a 7 row – would it be the same just to remove 2 rows from the one I already have? I appreciate any help!

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