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Deva cut: all you need to know about the curly hair cut

It’s always a struggle to find a hairdresser who doesn’t mess up your curls. Curly hair is nothing like straight hair. So when you have a hairstylist that uses a technique specially made for straight hair the result won’t be what you wanted it to be. Uneven, chopped up or just an unnatural haircut.

In this article:

In this article:

What is the Deva Cut technique?

The Deva Cut is a technique that is used on dry hair for cutting curly and wavy hair. By cutting the hair dry the stylist knows exactly how your curls will look as they fall.

It is cut individually and normally at an angle so it won’t disrupt the curl pattern. It is important your curl pattern will mantain in it’s natural form.

This is totally something different compared from the traditional straighten and cut method.

The natural shape of your naturally curly hair is the main lead. So your stylist will cut each curl according to your natural pattern.

The result is an evenly-spread out cut. And that is really what you want. Because who wants a haircut that is frizzy and an uneven mess?

The three fases of a Deva Cut

The deva cut involves three phases:

Phase 1: Texturizing – divide your natural hair into 12 equal sections. This helps curls interlock, reduces bulkines, and prevents the dreaded pyramid-like shapen.

Phase 2: Diagonal angle cut – this creates volume on the crown and makes sure you’ll get a loose haircut.

Phase 3: Unique face-framing cut – this helps to frame the face naturally. You can wear your curls in any way you like. It doesn’t matter if you wear your hair curly or straight. But the benefit is that it mantain an even length.

How long does a Deva Cut take?

Normally a Deva Cut takes about 50 to 75 minutes. This includes the intro chat, cut and drying time.

If it is your first time that you’ll receive a Deva Cut it probably will take a little bit longer.

That is because your hair stylist will ask you about the look you are looking for. So together you will decide which look you are going for and what achieves the best natural hair look.

What is the difference between a Rezo Cut vs Deva Cut?

The Rezo Cut and the Deva Cut are both very populair hair cuts for every curly girl that follows a curl dry-cutting technique.

For most people it is very hard to tell what the differences are between the Rezo Cut and the Deva Cut.

Although they are both used on hair that’s dry, there are some difference we easily can point out.

The Deva Cut:

The Deva Cut is a curl-by-curl cut that centers on framing the face and making sure that the loose curls look excellent.

This curl cutting method is better suited for woman who style their curls naturally.

For people with straight natural hair the Deva Cut would be as suitable.

The Rezo Cut:

The Rezo Cut is different because it does not only focus on framing the face. Its focus is on adding movement and volume. That is the biggest difference.

In this haircut technique they use a peculiar cutting techniwue that empliys a particuling parting methode and circular cuts vs. cutting curl by curl.

How to give yourself a Deva Cut?


First you need to gather some materials. The things you will need are:
  • Clips
  • Hair shears
  • Clean and dry hair

It’s the best to have your hair as you normally wear it. Then it allows you to see your hair un-manipulated or stretched.


Then you can start with the good part:

  1. Clip hair separately in 5 to 7 sections, depending on length and thickness. You can decide for yourself what is the best amount if you for example have a lot of hair. Then you will need more sections.
  2. Seperate your hair based on how it is shaped. So for example: two horizontal sections across the back, three sections around the middle/trough the crown and two in the front/center section.
  3. Start at the back of your hair and separate the first sections in another 3 or more sections. Each section should contain a few clumps of curls. Make sure that you notice how your curl falls naturally.
  4. Gently strecht each curl until you reach the end of your hair that you want to cut. Get as close to the end of the “C” in your curl. Them trim the curl in one movement in a downward motion.
  5. Repeat this step for each small section of curls. Frequently check if you didn’t miss any curls and make sure that they are all having the same evenness. If there is a flaw you can always go trim more.
  6. Repeat the above steps for every clipped section of curls.
  7. When you are done shake it out and fluff up your curls. You won’t see a big of a difference in length, but it will look longer.

Are there any possible issues with the Deva Cut?

A common issue is that people notice once their hair is washed, their curls can tighten up at the top. With a result: poofy, frizzy or choppy hair.

Due to too much volume your hair can create a sort of poodle look with short bounce curls.

Another negative issue it that some curly girls experience more like a “pyramid-shaped” cut. This means more curl on the bottom than on the top. The reason why curly girls experience this is that they are disappointed that their hair doesn’t look natural or vibrant.

Unfortunately, many stylists don’t know how to cut curly hair and that can lead to uneven bangs or frizzy hair. Make sure that you try out salons that have followed a strict and extensive training in cutting curly hair.

When you will find the perfect deva stylist the goal is to achieve natural curls for every natural hair types like wavy, curly or coily hair.

Who is the Deva Cut for?

With a Deva Cut each tuft is checked and cut individually. This prevents crazy bites or length differences. The Deva Cut is for curlies who have curly, curly or wavy hair. The cut is not meant for people with straight hair.

The hair is cut dry, simply because we wear our hair dry and not wet.

You can Deva Cut when:

  • Your hair has multiple curl structures
  • Your hair is already sufficiently curly by itself

Can I get a Deva Cut when I'm following the Curly Girl Method?

Deva cut girl

Yes you can get a Deva Curl Cut while following the CG method. The cutting process is a special technique made for the curl family.

With the Deva Cut it allows a stylist to see how the different textures naturally fall so then the stylist can trim each individual curl.

Do you have any questions about the Deva Cut? Or are you still not convinced to get a Deva Cut? Please let us know in the comments below.

What are other techniques of cutting your hair for curly hair?

Interested in other ways to cut your hair? We have listed all the different techniques and explained them for you. Read more about them in our blog about curly hair cutting techniques

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