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Do you want to be a Kurlify Content Creator? We’re looking for a creative curly head!

Does the Curly Girl Method hold no secrets for you? Do you see creative content potential in everything around you and do you love curls? Do you like to test new products? In that case we are looking for you!

We are always looking for curly heads who are not afraid to stand in the spotlights and who can inspire our Kurlify community like no other with creative online content. You will become one of the Kurlify Fabulous Curlies and connect yourself to our curly community.

Friends with curls

Do the following questions sound familiar to you?

How do you get your curls to be so beautiful?


How did you get the idea for this story?


Wow cool, you really have a lot of followers - how?

What’s in it for you?

When you decide to go for the collab with Kurlify, you get free hair products to review and create content with, a really nice team to work with and a big dose of extra curly fun in your daily life. On top of that, very important: lots of exposure on Instagram (almost 10K followers) and our website (100K page views per month) & a Kurlify discount code for yourself and your followers!

What you will do:

Create Reels for Instagram and TikTok

Create Instagram Posts

Write Blogs & reviews for the website

Other creative expressions!


In short, are you a true trendsetter / influencer / curly model?


Please send us a video or reel that you are proud of
and in which you show who you are


Send your video to

What are you waiting for?

Get kurlified with us!