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Freshening up your curls in between washes

Did you wash your hair a day or a few days ago and wake up with frizzy hair and your curls no longer have their beautiful shape? But are you also not ready for a new wash (or do you simply not have time for that)? And do you also want to be assured of a healthy, shiny, frizz-free head of hair between your washes? This is possible with a refresh or freshening up for your curls. Learn how some of our favorite curly bloggers refresh their curls.

In this article:

In this article:

General tips

  • Sleep on a satin towel. This way you prevent (or at least reduce) that you wake up with very frizzy hair . This will make refreshing your curls a lot easier the day after washing.
  • The hair products that you apply during or after washing are not immediately gone after a night of sleep. You can ‘reuse’ these products the next day by activating them again. How do you do that? By taking the main ingredient and reapplying it in your hair. The main ingredient is the ingredient that is listed first on the list of ingredients on the product label. Spoiler: Often the main ingredient in hair products is water! So, by spraying with water you activate the hair product that has water as its main ingredient.
  • How do you know if you still have enough product in your hair to benefit from it again? If you wet your hair a bit and feel that it feels smooth, there is still plenty of product in it. If you let your hair dry, your gel cast is back.
  • You can buy the spray bottle at every euro store and drugstore.
  • Try to understand the status of your hair. Does your hair feel dirty or do you suffer more from product buildup ? If you find that the latter is the case, it is better not to refresh your curls, but wash with a clarifying shampoo.
  • Often the top curls sag faster than the curls at the bottom. So give the top layer of your curls just a little more attention.


  • Fill a spray bottle with water and mix in a little leave-in conditioner for extra hydration to your curls. Then spray the mix through your hair.
  • Rub your styling product of your choice between your hands and gently run your hands over your curls.
  • Once your hair is dry, scrunch your hair from the ends to the roots.
  • Your curls should now look fresh again. Do you think your curls are still out of shape? Then rub some gel between your fingers and apply to your curls. Optionally, you can use pins to secure your curls until they have dried.
  • Flip your head over and rub your fingers on your scalp at the roots of your hair to create volume so that your curls regain their umpf. When refreshing your curls, be careful not to run through your hair with your fingers – that will create frizz.
  • Manes by Mell

    Manes by Mell is a Canadian hair specialist and has beautiful blonde curls herself. With her funny vlogs about her curls, she knows how to captivate more than 300,000 on YouTube.

    1. Divide your hair into two parts: a bottom and top layer, curling the top layer.
    2. Fill a spray bottle with water and spray your hair wet. This activates the product that is still in your hair from your previous wash. Make sure your locks are wet enough to absorb the new product.
    3. Then take a small amount of styling product on your hand and apply it to your hair using the praying hands technique.
    4. Then you get your hair out of the tang. Mell does it with a brush. According to the Curly Girl method, it is better not to use combs or brushes, so you can also try to detangle your hair with your fingers. Especially keep an eye on how your hair reacts to this, as it can sometimes lead to above-average hair loss. By detangling your hair, you immediately ensure that the product is well distributed over your curls.
    5. Scrunch products in your hair, with that you help your curls to regain their shape.
    6. You can twist strands of hair that need a little extra help to regain their curl around your finger.
    7. She divides the hair into two parts: first curl the bottom layer, securing your top layer, then curling your top layer (same ritual).
    8. Then rub a small amount of gel on the top layer of your curls.


    TheCortReport vlogs about beauty, hair, motherhood, health… in short, lifestyle in general. You can find her on her YouTube channel (180,000 subscribers) where she shares very easy and useful Curly Girl tips.

    1. Spray your hair with a spray bottle until you see that your curls come back a bit (your hair does not have to be soaked for this, a good damp is usually sufficient).
    2. TheCortReport then uses Aussie Curl Refresher to spray through the hair. Note: this product contains parabens. If you prefer not to use this product, you could also use DevaCurl Mist-er Right Dream Curl Refresher. DevaCurl is the brand of Lorraine Massey so you can assume that this product is CG proof. The only drawback is the price of the product, a bottle will cost you EUR 50.
    3. Stroke gel over your curls (TheCortReport does not use the praying hands technique). You don’t need to get a full gel cast, so use gel in moderation. If you have a lot of frizz, you can apply a little bit of gel to your roots!
    4. Then squeeze out the excess moisture with a microfiber towel or cotton T-shirt.
    5. Once your hair is dry, scrunch out the crunch. You can do that with your hands or the microfiber towel.
    6. Finally, shake out your curls at the roots for extra volume.

    Curly Suzie

    Curly Susie is a Canadian former fitness model and now vlogs about health and hair. With her beautiful long brown curls, she reaches more than 120,000 followers on YouTube.

    1. Divide your hair into an upper and lower layer.
    2. Make your hair wet with a spray bottle (filled with tap water and a little bit of conditioner).
    3. Then put a very small amount of cream and gel on your hands, which you mix together.
    4. Squeeze out excess moisture with a T-shirt.
    5. You repeat this with the next part of your hair, until you have treated all your hair strands in this way.
    6. Flip your hair to the side so that it dries that way and when it’s dry you can flip your curls the other way and create volume that way.
    7. Let your hair air dry or use a diffuser on a cold setting.

    Jayme Jo

    Jayme Jo is an Australian multi-talent (think: dancing, singing, acting, fantastic hair management) and a true curly beauty. She is now entertaining hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram and YouTube with her hair and dance tutorials.

    1. Divide your hair into left and right sections.
    2. Fill a spray bottle with water, without adding product, and spray your hair wet. Your curls don’t need to be soaked, but just make sure every strand of hair is wet.
    3. Jayme Jo then removes her curls with a Denman Brush . You can also do that with your fingers.
    4. Apply SheaMoisture’s Curl Enhancing Smoothie, running your fingers through your hair to distribute the product.
    5. Then you scrunch your CG gel into your hair to ensure a nice definition of your curls. You should see your curls come back slowly.
    6. Let your hair air dry or use a diffuser on a cold setting.

    As you can see, most bloggers’ routines are the same. Broadly speaking, you refresh your curls as follows:

    1. Fill a spray bottle with water and possibly mix a little hair product in it.
    2. Divide your hair into sections (top and bottom or left and right) and secure the part of your hair that you are not going to refresh yet.
    3. Spray your hair with the bottle of water, making sure your hair does not get soaking wet, but wet enough to wet all hair strands. This ensures that the new bit of product you apply can absorb well.
    4. Squeeze the excess moisture from your hair.
    5. Scrunch your hair, possibly with gel, to help the formation of your curls.
    6. Let your hair air dry or with a diffuser.
    7. Shake out your curls!

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