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One Year Following The CG Method: This Is Agnès’ Result

Wow, without realizing it, I have been following the Curly Girl Method for a year now! One year ago I wrote a blog for Kurlify in which I announced that I would start with the CG Method. Time for an update! Curious about my experience, favorite hair products and the result of my curls? Then read on!

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In this article:

In this article:

One year following the CG Method

I’ll get straight to the point: this was the best year ever for my curls. Never before have they been so curly and defined. 

In the years before I had curls on my wash days, but the days after I often had more wavy than curly hair. Nowadays my hair curls every day – one day better than the other. 

But my curls are healthy, defined and are firm. So you’ll understand that I’m very happy that I started following the Curly Girl Method! 

Here is the result one year following the CG Method:

Een Jaar CG Methode: Dit Is Het Resultaat Van Agnès

My CG routine

By now, I can say that I have a standard CG routine. It works, I don’t have to think about it, I don’t spend too much time on it, and the result is always good. And that routine is as follows:

I wash my hair once a week, which is super chill because washing takes ages. And the point is to create healthy curls which won’t need much washing. 

I had to go through a transition period where it was a bit greasy, but my hair is used to it by now. Sometimes I do use a dry shampoo the last day(s) before my wash day.

On my wash day, I use a co-wash or clarifying shampoo. Then I apply a deep conditioner and leave it on for about 20 minutes. 

I rinse it out and finish with cold water. I flip my head upside down, scrunch out some excess water and apply a leave in conditioner.

Scrunch, scrunch, scrunch. Then I apply a lot of gel and scrunch that in too. 

After that, I grab a cotton t-shirt to scrunch out the excess water and plop my hair in a microfiber towel. About 20 minutes later I take off the towel, flip my head upside down again and blow dry my hair with a diffuser. 

This takes about 15 minutes, I let the last bit air dry. When my hair is completely dry, I have a gel cast and scrunch out the crunch. 

And there are my curls, full of volume and definition!

Lazy Curly Girl Method

Above I describe my ideal CG routine, but I also often do a Lazy Curly Girl variant, haha! 

My lazy routine is as follows: wash with a clarifying shampoo, apply a deep conditioner and leave it on for five minutes, rinse with cold water, scrunch out excess water, apply a leave-in conditioner and gel and scrunch it in. 

If I really don’t have time, I replace gel with mousse.

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Refreshing curls

On the first days after my wash day, I wet my hair very lightly and scrunch it in. The water activates the hair products that are still in my hair. The days after that, I occasionally use mousse. Together with the hair products that are still in my hair, this creates a cast that I scrunch out when it’s dry.

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CG products that I use

In terms of hair products I’m very loyal. If I try something and it works well for my hair, I will keep using it. 

And that’s how it went with most of my hair products: I have been using them from when I started following the CG Method. I have to say that I prefer to use vegan products, and the range is therefore also slightly smaller.

These are the products I use:

  • Co-wash: Love Beauty and the Planet coconut water & mimosa flower conditioner
  • Clarifying shampoo: Maui Moisture Nourish & Moisture Coconut Milk Shampoo
  • Deep conditioner: Dr. Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Treatment Conditioner
  • Leave-in conditioner: Bouclème Curls Defining Cream
  • Gel: Bouclème Curl Defining Gel
  • Mousse: Giovanni Natural Mousse
  • Ginger June Day Two dry shampoo
  • Dyson Supersonic hair dryer with diffuser

But I’m going to try new products! I got a few Jessicurl products, the Curl Flo conditioner and leave-in conditioner. 

Two relatively small brands from the UK that are CG proof and vegan. So there’ll be a review on Kurlify soon!

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CG problems

When following a new regime, you will of course also run into a few problems. That also happened to me. 

For example, my shower drain is clogged every few weeks. Especially when I use a co-wash. 

When I’m finished, I rinse the shower with hot water, but the problem keeps coming back. So if you have any tips for this, let us know!

Another CG problem arose after using a scalp treatment. I thought I would take extra care of my scalp and let it sit all night. 

Not knowing I wouldn’t be able to get it out. I had to use several shampoos and a rice water rinse to get my hair clean. 

I’m not sure what went wrong, but maybe it’s just not for my hair.

Fortunately, I didn’t run into many problems. Before, I always thought the Curly Girl Method would be so much work and that it wasn’t for me. 

But to be honest, it’s really not that bad. And the result is so worth it!

Want to know any other things? Feel free to ask your questions in the comments!


  1. While I always had curls on wash days in the past, my hair has become more wavy than curly in the years afterwards. These days, my hair curls every day, however some days are better than others.

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