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Make your curls come alive WITH the best cg products for your hair

Who doesn’t want beautifully defined curls? Lorraine Massey came up with the Curly Girl Method, which will give you a full head of hair in no time.

Applying the Curly Girl Method means that you stop using shampoo and other hair products that contain harmful ingredients such as silicones, sulfates and parabens. That way, your curls will be healthy and radiant again!

Step 1: the Final wash

Your CG journey begins once you’ve done the final wash. This is a shampoo that contains sulfates, but no silicones. With this, you wash out any silicone that is still in your hair, so your hair is “clean” to begin the Curly Girl Method.

Curly Girl-proof co-wash

From shampoo to co-wash

After the final wash, normal shampoo is history and you will only wash your hair with conditioner: co-wash. Shampoo is often harmful to your hair: it contains aggressive cleaners that do their job so well that they wash away your hair’s natural oils and can therefore affect the structure of your hair. Conditioner is much gentler on your hair and scalp. If you really can’t live without shampoo, wash your hair once a week with a clarifying shampoo.

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Curly Girl-proof Shampoo

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step 2: determine your curl type & hair properties

Not every product that is CG-proof is also suitable for the care and styling of your curls. To determine which CG care and thus hair products are best suited for your curls, it is important to first find out your curl type, hair thickness and density, hair elasticity and porosity.

Curly Girl-proof conditioners


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Lees hieronder ons productadvies per krultype en haareigenschappen. Over het algemeen geldt: hoe lichter de krul en hoe fijner het haar, hoe lichter ook het product zal zijn. 


Fine hair

Use airy products with a light hold, such as a mousse. Preferably not a gel, as this is too heavy for fine hair.

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Wavy or loose curls

Your hair is wavy, bendable and supple, light products that don’t make your hair heavy work best for your hair.

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Coarse curls

Your hair is curly, spiral-shaped and tends to frizz quickly. Use products that moisturize your hair, define curls and reduce frizz, such as a gel.

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Spiraled curls

Your hair is frizzy, naturally very dry and spongy in texture. Use products that intensely moisturize your hair, such as conditioners that give your hair a slip, a butter, cream or gel

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Curly Girl-proof styling products

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The density of your hair refers to the amount of hair on your head.

  • Low-density hair, where you can see your scalp, requires light products that won’t weigh your hair down or make it look greasy.
  • Medium-density hair, where you can see a little scalp, allows you to try a lot. From light leave-in conditioners to heavier creams or butters, try and see what your hair responds well to.
  • High-density hair, where you can barely see the scalp, is fine for thicker products. Think thick gels, creams and butters.


Hair thickness

Hair thickness determines the thickness of one hair strand. With fine hair, it is best not to use too heavy products or too many products at once. With medium hair you can try a lot: light or heavier products, combine several products or just separate from each other. Thick hair requires thick creams and butters as long as they moisturize your hair.


The porosity of your hair determines the extent to which your hair can absorb and retain moisture.

  • Hair with low porosity is difficult to moisturize and prone to build up. So don’t use too heavy water-based products. You can seal your hair with a jojoba or almond oil. The advantage of low porosity hair: once you manage to properly moisturize and seal your hair, it retains moisture for a long time.
  • Hair with medium porosity hydrates well and retains moisture well as well. Use moisturizing conditioners and avoid heavy conditioners.
  • Hair with high porosity is easy to moisturize, but also loses moisture quickly. Moisturize well with products with a thick substance and then seal with an oil or cream.

The product categories

How do you know if a product is light or heavy, and what exactly it does for your hair? You know this about shampoos, conditioners and deep conditioners: they do what they say, and for conditioners, often the thicker the substance of the product, the heavier the product is for your hair.

Lightweight products

Moisturizers: often water-based, you’ll find water (or aqua) at the front of the product’s ingredient list. These products are thin and liquid, moisturize lightly and don’t make your hair too heavy. They are often sold as a mist, spray or spritz!

Styling product zoals een mousse of foam: een mousse of een foam is vaak lichter dan een gel of een pommade. Soms kom je lichte styling producten ook tegen als crème of butter.

Curly Girl-proof light products

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Average products

Moisturizers: average moisturizers also often have water as the main ingredient. In addition, humectants such as glycerin are often added. These products are often sold as leave-in, detangler, lotion or milk.

Styling products such as gel: gels are sold as both light and heavy.

Heavy products

Moisturizers: often water, oil or butter based. Heavy moisturizers often contain humectants like glycerin. The substance is thicker, so your hair is well moisturized. Moisturizing butters are often less hydrating products, based on shea or cocoa butter, which mainly make your hair shiny and softer. These products can be recognized by terms such as cream, cream or butter.

Styling products (pomades): a pomade generally has a thick substance, sometimes so thick that the goodness is difficult to apply to your hair. This gives it a strong hold. On the shelves you will find them as pomades, jellies or definers.

Curly Girl-proof heavy products

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Step 4: Keep a curl diary

Remember that every curly girl is different. So there is no such thing as ready-made advice. The best advice really is: get to know your hair, try out different hair products and find out what works for you. Look closely at what happens to your hair after you apply or use a product: is your hair more or less shiny? How does the product shape your curls? Did your hair become more or less frizzy? These are all questions you can ask yourself. Keep track of them in your own Curl Diary.

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And remember: what works for one curly doesn’t necessarily work for another. You will certainly be disappointed in the process, but sometimes you will stumble upon gems! A few general tips:

Tip 1

It is wise to start with budget hair products that fit within the Curly Girl Method, before you really move on to the expensive A-brands. That way, a disappointment is not immediately a drain on your wallet as well.

Tip 2

Try out one new hair product at a time. That way you can really see what that product does to your hair.

Tip 3

 Give the product time to do its job. Sometimes it helps to give a twist to the way you use the product. For example: sometimes a conditioner can make your hair very limp, but as a leave-in it can really work wonders. That’s what we call creativity.😉

Stylen en verzorgen

Taking care of your natural curls is not only dependent on your hair routine, but also the use of hair accessories is crucial to keeping your curls in optimal condition.

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Hopefully you now have a good idea of the products that fit within the Curly Girl Method and are suitable for your hair. Remember: there is no one right routine. Experiment with hair products, keep an eye on what certain products do to your hair and then make a list of favourites for yourself. Still have questions? Ask them on Instagram!