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No Poo Method vs. Curly Girl Method: these are the differences and similarities

There are many different methods you can apply for your curly hair routine. The No Poo Method and the Curly Girl Method are perhaps the best known. And both write off shampooing. The methods are similar in this respect, but how do they differ from each other? We explain that in this article!

In this article:

In this article:

The Curly Girl Method Explained

The Curly Girl Method is a hair routine to care for curly hair as naturally as possible. This method is based on a few basic principles: cut out harmful ingredients – such as sulfates – and products – such as blow dryers and brushes -, learn your curl and hair type, and embrace new habits such as drying your curls with a cotton T-shirt in instead of a towel.

The method was invented by Lorraine Massey and described in her now famous book ‘Curly Girl: The Handbook’.

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The No Poo Method Explained

The No Poo Method can be explained very simply. No Poo = no shampoo. The method therefore removes shampoo from your hair routine. Shampoo contains sulfates, which are aggressive cleansers that adhere to dirt and then ‘take it with you’ when you rinse your shampoo in the shower.

But sulfates actually cleanse too well, so they also wash away the natural oils on your scalp, which provide hydration to your hair. With frequent use, your hair will dry out. And that is of course not the intention!

But if you don’t use shampoo, then what? Nothing! The idea is that you stop using shampoo and only wash your hair with water.

Because of this you first have to go through a phase in which you have dirty and greasy hair, but that will gradually get better on its own.

For some people this phase lasts two weeks, for others half a year. The No Poo Method also offers milder alternatives to shampoo. For example, you can use a milder shampoo, baking soda, apple vinegar, eggs or rye flour.

Aside from the ingredients that this method removes, there are also ingredients that the method would rather not add to your hair. Silicone is an example of this.

Does this method sound familiar to you? Yes, pay attention to the Curly Girl Method! But what’s the difference then?

No Poo versus Curly Girl

The main difference between the No Poo Method and the Curly Girl Method is that the Curly Girl Method focuses more on the use of natural ingredients.

In addition, the Curly Girl Method focuses mainly on curly hair and the No Poo Method actually on any kind of hair that could use a makeover.

That also indicates the name. Because of those natural ingredients and because curls are really a profession in itself, the Curly Girl Method is much more extensive than the No Poo Method.

The Curly Girl Method actually starts with the No Poo Method and continues where the No Poo Method ends.

The Curly Girl Method further recommends removing heat styling, combs, brushes, alcohol and perfume from your hair routine.

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Which method is best for you?

Which method is most suitable for you? That depends on various things, such as your hair, but also on the investment you are willing to make for healthy curls.

And we are mainly talking about the time it takes you to read into the Curly Girl Method.

You could also start with the No Poo Method, for example. If you like it and you like to do further research, you can further expand your hair routine with the Curly Girl Method.

Give your hair enough time to adjust. And trust us, it is really worth it!

Again, give it time and see what works for you! Do you have any further questions?
Let us know on Instagram, we are happy to help!

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