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Coconut oil is a miracle cure aka an all natural wonder ingredient ! You can use it in the kitchen as a substitute for butter, on your skin as a body lotion and for your curls as a nourishing product.

It is a natural emollient and therefore 100% curlygirl – proof. In this article, we share ten ways to use coconut oil for curly curls.

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In this article:

In this article:

What is coconut oil?

Where does coconut oil come from?

Coconut oil is made from coconuts that grow on the coconut palm. The oil is obtained by removing the white flesh of the coconuts and placing it under a press.

Why is coconut oil good for your hair shaft?

We understand that you want to know the answer on the question ‘Is coconut oil good for curly hair?’ We are happy to say: YES! Coconut oil will penetrate deep into the hair shaft. While most other oils keep on the surface of your curls.

When you apply coconut oil to your textured hair it helps heal protein loss, adds moisture and makes damaged curly hair strong again. So yes, there is a big difference compared to other oils.

It really helps to achieve to make your hair healthy again and reduce hair damage.

What is in the coconut oil that makes it so special?

The stuff is rich in natural fatty acids and therefore a particularly nourishing and moisturizing substance. Natural ingredients are always the best for your body and hair.

Result: smooth and shiny curls. We are a fan!

There is a misconception that every ingredient includes lauric acid, lauryl, or laureth that can induce coconut sensitivity. They are different chemicals and have different properties.

How do you use coconut for your hair? The basics

As a curly head you often suffer from dry hair or fluffy hair. You can buy a special hair oil for this, which promises to tame frizz hair less and shine more.

But often not natural oils contain ingredients that are harmful to your healthy hair and are therefore not approved according to the curly girl method.

Alternative: pure oils that are simply for sale in the supermarket or organic shops, such as coconut oil or almond oil.

In general, what works for one does not have to work for the other. One may find it a miracle cure and achieves a healthy scalp, but the other will make the hair wispy and stiff what leads to hair breakage.

Check your curl and hair type

It is wise to first check what your curl and hair type is, and what your curly hair need, such as increase shine or less frizz.

It is also good to know that you do not need a lot of coconut oil, just a few drops. In fact, curly hair with coarse hair can suffer from hair loss from excessive use.

Does coconut oil makes your hair greasy? Then you are also applying coconut oil excessively.

A tablespoon is really more than enough. By the way, you often find it in congealed form in the store, such as coconut fat. Warm it up so you’ll get warm coconut oil that’s easier to oil evenly through your curly hair.

How to apply the coconut oil on curly hair

Take a small amount of fat from the pot and warm it between your hands until it turns into liquid coconut oil.

Finally, it is good to steam your hair before applying all the oil. You just do this under a warm shower or with a warm towel. Because of the heat from the warm shower or warm towel, the hair cuticles open up due to the heat. So your curls can absorb the oil for curly hair better. In addition, you prevent build up and flakes on your hair shaft and scalp.

How to wash out coconut oil for curly hair?

If you have used to much coconut oil or have another reason why you want to get rid of the coconut oil in your curly hair. Then you can remove coconut oil from your hair with a shampoo containing sulfates.

The sulfates are important because they produce soapy goodness to get all the oil out for your curly hair.

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So now you know how to use coconut oil for your hair. That’s all nice, but what are the benefits? We will explain them to you.

#1 To get your curls out of the tangle

The fight you as a curly girl fights daily against tangles? You are not alone! Probably almost the whole curly hair community struggles with this issue.

Fortunately, coconut oil for curly hairl is the best way to start your day without frustration. Heat a tablespoon of little coconut oil in a container, this ensures that the oil will be absorbed extra well by your hair.

How to use it?

Put some oil on your finger tips and massage it from the roots to the tips. Then gently untangle your hair with your fingers.

You will notice; this helps very well against tangles! You can also add this in your hair overnight before washing your hair strands.

#2 Coconut oil as a deep conditioner

You can also add a tablespoon of coconut oil to your deep conditioner. This is a conditioner that penetrates deeper into the hair and is extra caring for improving your protein structure.

You can think of it as an extra deep conditioning treatment to restore dry and damaged hair.

How to use it?

You always have to apply a deep conditioner to wet hair after your co-wash.

Then use your fingertips to massage the product in circular motions from root to tip. Then pineapple your hair in an old t-shirt and let the product absorb for 15 minutes. Then rinse it well.

Another possibility is to use pure coconut oil as a deep conditioner. Also wash your hair first and apply the oil for curly hair to clean but wet hair. Then put on a shower cap and leave it on for 30 minutes.


#3 Coconut oil against dandruff

Many curly girls suffer from dandruff, and coconut oil also comes in handy here.

Dandruff control

Since coconut oil has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, it could help reduce dandruff.

In addition, it is a natural remedy for a dry scalp, because the nutrients help to keep your scalp healthy.

How to use it?

Apply 2-3 drops of oil to your scalp, rub it in the areas where you see a lot of dandruff, leave coconut oil for curly hair in for 10 minutes and rinse. You prefer to do this for your co-wash!

#4 Coconut oil against frizzy hair

We can distinguish between two types of oil:
  1. oils that can penetrate to the scalp and hair (moisturizing oil)
  2. oils that remain on the hair (sealing oil)

Coconut oil actually falls just a bit between these two types of oils: it does have the ability to penetrate the hair, but only in a limited amount. As a result, most coconut oil remains on your hair.

That layer not only ensures that hydration stays in your hair, but also that your hair will shine.

Coconut water leave in

#5 Coconut oil as a leave-in

You can also use coconut oil as a leave-in for long-lasting hydration. Then you can use coconut oil in different ways:

As an overnight pre-poo treatment

The night before you wash your hair. Massage some virgin coconut oil into your hair, wrap your hair in an old t-shirt and finally put the blow dryer on your head. 

Add heat so the heat will open your scales and allow the oil to absorb better. Sleep well, and the next day you wash your hair in the normal way. Make sure you rinse the oil well, otherwise you will get build up. 

If you have thin hair, you better avoid the scalp. We really dig this pre-poo treatment.

As an addition to your styling products! 

This way your hair is fed all day.
Umberto Giannini - Boho Beach Jelly Coconut Oil

#6 Coconut oils as a natural shine enhancer

If you want a natural shine on your curly hair, then coconut oil is the perfect tool. But also for thick or coily hair. For best results, cocktail the coconut oil with your favorite leave-in or moisturizer.

Keep in mind that your curly hair is clean and product-free before applying the coconut oil to your curly hair.

#7 Coconut oil as a light-hold styler

Coconut oil is the perfect addition to any styling product. You can mix the coconut oil with your favorite gel or curl cream. In this way your hair can receive moisture throughout the whole day.

How to use it?

Before you adapt the coconut oil combined with a styling product to your hair, make sure your curls are a bit wet. This makes the curls more supple and your curly hair will keep in place. Because when your curly hair dries up it will stay put the whole day.

#8 Coconut oil as a seal in moisture

You can protect your curls with coconut oil as a sealant. Sealing ensures that the moisture you put into your curly hair stays there. That is what curl specialist Evelyn Ngugi says. She added that moisture is lost when the cuticle is raised and water leaves the hair.

So if we follow up the advice of Evelyn, you’ll want to seal those strands!

How to use it?

The best way to add the coconut oil is to first section your curls and then gently finger comb 2-3 drops nickel sized amount of coconut oil through your hair. It’s for the best to use your fingers when sealing every curl.

#9 Coconut oil as a light moisturizer

Instead of adding the coconut oil into your moisturizer is it also possible to use the coconut oil on its own. In this way you can add moisture to every curl.

Remember to steam your curly hair before applying the coconut oil to avoid build up or hardened strands!

A hair mask with coconut oil replaces moisture los through chemical treatments.

As we said, what works for one doesn’t have to work for the other. If you find that coconut oil is not working for you, you can replace it with another natural oil, such as avocado oil or sunflower oil.

Also read our blog about the different oils for your curls.

What are your experiences with coconut oil? And do you have any questions about coconut oil? Feel free to ask them via Instagram!

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