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Silk or satin pillowcase for beautiful, healthy curls

When caring for your natural curls, it is good not only to think about your daytime hair routine, but also how to get through the night in such a way that your curls are not damaged too much and still look as good as possible the next day look, not (too much) frizz or tangles. How do you do that? With a satin or silk pillowcase. Do you want to know the differences between these two fabrics and why such a pillowcase is indispensable for your curls?

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In this article:

In this article:

Why is a satin or silk pillowcase good for your curls?

Because a cotton pillowcase is much rougher, your hair rubs against each other or against the pillowcase, causing friction. 

On a satin or silk pillowcase you slide her, as it were, instead of rubbing against each other. That way you get less frizzy hair, tangles, and split ends. 

Cotton also has the property of absorbing moisture. As soon as your hair touches the pillowcase, cotton removes the moisture and natural oils that are present on your hair and scalp. 

Silk, silk satin or a synthetic fabric do not have that property. The moisture therefore stays in place, so on your hair and scalp. 

If you find that you often suffer from dry hair in the morning, when buying a satin pillowcase, be careful not to buy a satin cotton pillowcase (because the cotton still absorbs moisture).

The advantages of satin or silk for your curls in a row

We have listed the advantages of sleeping on a satin or silk pillowcase one more time:

• You wake up fluff-free and with less tangles.
• Because less friction is caused by satin or silk, it also ensures less hair loss.
• It keeps moisture and natural oils in place and prevents – further – drying of your hair.
• It prevents hair breakage.
• You keep your volume of the day.
• As a result of all these great benefits of sleeping with a satin or silk pillowcase, your hairstyle will last longer.

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Tips for satin or silk pillowcases

We are happy to help you on your way with this list of our favourite satin or silk pillowcases:


Pillowcase by Yosmo, at € 33.96
Pillowcase of Silk products, at € 45.00


• Pillowcase Satin, made of polyester, at € 19.95

The difference between silk and satin

Silk in parlance is a collective term for fibers, fabrics, threads and threads made from silk spun by the silkworm. So it is a natural product, but an animal product. 

If you live animal-friendly or vegan, it is better not to choose silk if you consider that for a pound (from the English pound, about 450 grams) of silk, about 3000 silkworms die. 

Known for its shine and enormous softness, silk is truly a luxury product. The costs for real silk products are therefore generally in the higher segment.

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What is silk?

Satin, on the other hand, is a fabric made by man, using a certain weaving technique. You often see in product specifications that the fabric is satin, so that is actually not correct. 

Because the yarns are woven close together, the fabric is very flexible. Satin can be made from a synthetic fabric like polyester or nylon, which is usually the case, as well as cotton and even silk. 

The weaving technique also makes satin products shiny, but often have a dull side. So satin can be vegan proof, but not either. 

Satin comes in many different variants and therefore prices. In general, when made of a synthetic fabric, satin is cheaper than silk.

Do you choose silk or satin?

Which fabric suits you best is therefore up to you, your budget, your lifestyle preferences (animal friendliness) and your needs.

For example, do you want the softest possible pillowcase for your curls? Then you choose silk.

Do you have a smaller budget or do you live a vegan lifestyle? Then satin is often a very good solution.Pay attention to what the satin woven product is made of.

We are curious whether you prefer to use a satin or silk pillowcase. Will you let us know on Instagram? And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

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