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Jamilla’s experience with Creme of Nature’s SNOT gel

Creme of Nature’s SNOT gel is well known to almost every curly head, as it is regularly discussed in various communities. The before and after pictures in the groups don’t lie: The gel works wonders for your curls! Reason enough to try out this SNOT gel from Creme of Nature! In this review I tell you more about this gel. Do you want to read it?

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In this article:

In this article:

Creme of Nature Maximum-Hold Styling SNOT

When I read the name, it doesn’t necessarily sound very inviting. Rather, when I think of “SNOT,” I think of… Right! That was coming out of your nose when you have a cold. 

Yet in this case it stands for something else. The SNOT gel is the super strong hair gel from Creme of Nature. 

This hair gel contains argan oil from Morocco. Argan oil is known to prevent frizz and give a beautiful shine. 

Because this gel is so strong, you will not suffer from frizzy baby hairs.

Maximum-Hold Styling SNOT Gel is from the brand Creme of Nature. This brand stands for beautiful and healthy hair. 

The products of this brand can be used on any hair type. So it does not matter if you have wavy, curly and frizzy hair. 

In addition, in these products of Creme of Nature, as the name may suggest, there are only natural ingredients.

How to use the Maximum-Hold Styling SNOT?

The gel works no differently than other gels. The only difference is that this gel gives a very strong hold. 

This means that you only need to use a small amount of the product. Tip: Put a small amount of the product on your hands and then add some water. 

In this way you dilute the gel and you can distribute it well on your hair.

What I said, the Maximum-Hold Styling SNOT gel works no differently than other gels. You apply it to wet or damp hair. 

Then you rub the product well into your hair and dry your hair with a diffuser. When your hair is dry, you squeeze out the “cast. 

Et voilá! Gorgeous curls.

My hair routine

Creme of Nature Snot gel

Before I put the styling products in my hair, I first wash my hair with the Curl Flo Revive Co-wash. After that, the styling of my hair can begin! 

When I notice that my hair is not wet enough, I spray some more water into my hair with a plant sprayer. 

I divide my hair into two sections and put some Maximum-Hold Styling SNOT gel (a little bit is enough) and Leave-In weightless moisture conditioner in my hands. 

I mix this up and divide it into both the two sections of my hair. 

Then I style my hair with the Denman Brush D3 and use the finger wrap technique. After working in the products and styling my hair, I dry my hair with a diffuser. 

When my hair is completely dry, I press out the cast with my hands. The result: shiny and defined curls.

My opinion about the SNOT gel

Creme of Nature SNOT Jamilla

I really like the Maximum-Hold Styling SNOT gel from Creme of Nature! I have 2c/3a curls myself. Because of this, I need a reasonably light gel with a good hold so my curls don’t sag. 

This does the SNOT gel absolutely not! In addition, I have easily frizzy hair. When I use this gel, I have beautiful shiny curls.

However, I read in some communities that people find the gel a bit sticky and that the gel leaves residue in the hair. I myself have no problem with this. 

I do notice that, when I’m touching my hair after I’m done styling my curls, my hands are a bit sticky. I solve this by washing my hands.

Here are some other tips to make sure you use the gel properly and “prevent” the above:

  • Use a very small amount of the Maximum-Hold Styling SNOT gel and dilute it some warm water
  • Spread the gel well on your hair
  • Mix the product with another product such as a cream
  • Use the gel only on wet hair

If you Maximum-Hold Styling SNOT gel of Creme of Nature have not tried, I recommend you to definitely try it out! 

You can buy a sample of this gel from Kurlify so you can try the product a few times before buying a large package. How nice!

Do you have any questions after reading the review? Feel free to ask them in the comments!


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  4. Do you think that sitting in front of a computer can make your hair dry and tangled? I’ve been playing pacman full screen for a long time and I’ve found that my hair is prone to breakage and tangles.

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