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Review: Curl Flo Curling Butter Cream & Curl Flo Marshmallow Root Leave In Conditioner

The new year has begun and what can be better at the beginning of a year?It can only be one thing! Trying out new things. Normally I am very attached to my hair products when I have found the right one. “Never change a winning team” right? Despite the fact that I stand behind this statement 100%, this week I’m doing things a little differently. Because why not go for platinum instead of gold?

Before I purchased these products from Curl Flo, I didn’t know the brand and I wasn’t too sure what to expect from the brand. My hair type is 4a/4b. This means that I need some heavier products, because otherwise you won’t see any results. In this review, I’m testing the Curl Flo Curling Butter Cream and Curl Flo Marshmallow Root Leave In Conditioner.

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In this article:

In this article:

What is Curl Flo?

First, a little more about Curl Flo! As I mentioned before, I didn’t know this brand and since I didn’t know the Curl Flo brand yet, I started doing some research on the brand first.

Curl Flo’s hair products are developed by real curl specialists and these products can be used on any hair type! The slogan of the brand is: embrace your curls.

One way they want to help you with that is by adding nice scents to the products. They do this by adding lemongrass, green tea and marshmallow root extract to their products.

These ingredients strengthen the hair follicles, promote hair growth and take care of the scalp. After all, beautiful healthy curls start with a healthy scalp!

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Review Curl Flo Dashield
Review Curl Flo Dashield

My hair routine

Now on to my hair routine! I started my routine as usual, namely washing my hair. 

Then I divided my hair into four sections and used the Curl Flo Marshmallow Root Leave In Conditioner on all four sections. At that moment, I immediately realized that I had platinum in my hands.

My hair immediately felt soft and moisturized and I could hear the song “All My Life” in the background. I’ve been looking for a Leave-in conditioner that hydrates my hair well all my life. Thanks to Curl Flo, I finally found it!

The next step was to try out the Curl Flo Curling Butter Cream. For me, this was the real test. 

Of course it’s good if your hair is moisturized, but the curls also need to pop. As always, I work in sections so each piece gets enough attention. 

Now I ask you, “is there anything better than platinum?” The answer is yes and it’s called Curl Flo Curling Butter Cream! 

My curls are alive again! I did notice right away that the product is heavier than other hair products. This makes this product more suitable for people with hair type 4. 

I usually need half a jar before I finally see results, but not with the Curl Flo Curling Butter Cream! A little bit is enough to shine harder than Rihanna’s diamonds;)!


I really didn’t know what to expect from Curl Flo, but I am positively surprised! The products of this brand are really perfect for my curls! 

The leave-in conditioner immediately left my hair feeling soft and moisturized. Not to mention the Curl Flo Curling Butter Cream! 

This not only kept my hair hydrated, but also made my curls pop like my curls never have before! Also, the products smell really nice! 

So if you also have hair type 4 and are still looking for great hair products, I would definitely recommend the Curl Flo Marshmallow Root Leave In Conditioner and Curl Flo Curling Butter Cream!


Resultaat Dashield Curl Flo

Do you have any questions about Curl Flo? Ask them in the comments!

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  1. ooh thank you ! I love this ! I have the same hair type as yours. I am excited to try this.

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