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How To Use A Curl Cream For Curly Hair

Curl cream is a hair product that helps to define your natural curls. It enhances and encourages your hair’s natural curl formation. Besides that, it moisturizes your hair and will provide frizz control. It protects your curls from natural factors throughout the day. Curious if curl cream is suitable for your hair and how to use it? You can read all about it in this article!

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In this article:

In this article:

What is a curl cream?

A curl cream is an emulsification of oil and water. It conditions and moisturises your hair from the inside out. 

Anyone with curls knows that they’re often dry, frizzy and brittle – which is why a curl cream is a good hair product to use for most curlies. A good curl cream will contain oils and other hydrating ingredients to lock in moisture for days.

 It will also enhance the natural pattern of the hair, by encouraging curl formation. It’s one of the key products that will help you achieve the prettiest curls.

Should I use curl cream?

There are so many hair care products on the market that it’s hard to choose just one. Besides that, every head of curls is different.

So the curl cream that works best for someone else doesn’t necessarily have to be the best product for your curls. It all depends on your curl type and the specific needs of your hair.

But in general we can say that a curling cream is especially suitable for people with curl type 3 or 4. And a little less for people with fine or wavy hair. 

This is because it’s a somewhat heavier product. With curl type 2, you need light hair products that don’t weigh down your hair.

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proteïne en krullen

How to use curl cream

Start by washing your hair, and use a leave-in conditioner after. Apply the curl cream to wet hair. Optionally section your hair into four sections for a better distribution of the product. 

Make sure you use the right amount, because if you use too little it won’t spread evenly, but if you use too much, it will become too oily. Scrunch it in for maximum impact. After this you can use a gel or mousse. 

When your hair is dry, you’ll have smooth curls that stand up to humidity.

A curl cream can also work on dry hair, especially if moisture is your problem. Need a quick refresh? Apply it to your hair, distribute evenly and scrunch to bring back your curls. 

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What is the best curl cream for curly hair?

There are a lot of curl creams on the market, from many different brands. And that makes picking one quite difficult! 

Of course you would prefer a curl cream without silicones and parabens. The curling creams in our webshop are Curly Girl-friendly, and therefore don’t contain silicones, parabens and sulfates.

Looking for a natural curl cream that is CG-friendly? Have a look at the Curl Flo curl cream. 

Curl Flo hair products are developed by real curl specialists, CG-proof, vegan, cruelty-free and suitable for all curl types. 

They are handmade with organic and natural ingredients. And, they have a very nice scent!

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Another option for a natural curl cream is Jessicurl. These are high-quality products for different curl types and free from aggressive cleaning agents. 

All Jessicurl products are CG-proof, not tested on animals and vegan.

Other curly girls will probably agree: finding the right products for your curls is quite a quest. Usually you’ll find the best curl cream by simply trying them out.

 Every hair type is different and reacts differently to the product. Keep trying and see how your curls react!

Any other questions about using a curl cream? Ask them in the comments!


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