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How to Dry Curly Hair The Right Way

The way you dry curly hair makes a big difference to the outcome. Get it wrong and you’re left with a frizzy mess, get it right and you’ve got a beautiful bunch of curls! It’s important to be careful when drying curly hair, because they’re naturally more dry and sensitive than straight hair. That’s why it’s better to stop wrapping and rubbing your hair with a regular towel after washing it. Luckily, there are plenty of other ways to dry curly hair the right way; we’ll share them in this article!

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In this article:

In this article:

Dry curly hair CG proof

First of all, it’s important to stop using a regular towel when drying your hair. It’s made to absorb moisture from your hair, and moisture is very important for curls! 

In addition, the uneven surface of a towel roughens up the cuticles and causes frizz. Therefore, rather use a softer fabric, such as a microfibre towel or cotton t-shirt. 

These leave cuticles intact and absorb just the right amount of moisture for frizz-free curls.

Air drying curly hair

Air drying is the most simple way to dry curly hair CG proof. 

It only requires one thing: time. After you rinse out your conditioner, squeeze out excess water, style your hair and wait for your curls to dry. 

The benefit of air drying is that you can get the most frizz-free definition with this method. Just remember to avoid touching your hair while it’s drying. 

The downside is that for some people it can take over 5-6 hours to air dry. So the struggle is real, but the result is damage free dry hair!

Hair plopping

Hair plopping is a way to make your curls dry faster, without damaging it. You wrap a microfiber towel or cotton t-shirt around your curls, after you’ve applied stylers. 

By doing this, you’ll remove just the right amount of excess water, which leaves your curls with more curl definition and volume, without the frizz. And it’s very easy!

You can plop your hair right after the shower and stylers – whether that’s in the morning or at night before going to sleep. So you can just plop your hair and go to sleep. 

You’ll wake up the next morning with dry hair and beautiful defined curls!

Root clipping

Root clipping is a technique to avoid flat roots. But by clipping your roots, the scalp area dries faster too! 

When your hair is still wet and you’ve applied your stylers, lean over to one side so that your hair lifts away from your head. Insert duckbill clips at the roots, so that the mouth of the clip points away from your roots. 

Repeat this step in small sections at the crown of your head. Now let your hair air dry, then carefully remove them and expect a lot of volume!

With a diffuser

Within the Curly Girl Method, drying your hair with a hair dryer is a no-go, even with a diffuser. High heat causes heat damage and it’s not very great for the already dry curly hair. 

Lorraine Massey, the one who invented the CG Method, even calls blow drying frying, because you’re literally baking your hair. But there is a way to blow-dry your hair, and that is with the Dyson Supersonic blow dryer and the diffuser attachment. 

This hair dryer has an intelligent heat control. A very important function for people with curls, because it protects your hair optimally during drying and styling. 

The hair dryer never gets warmer than 150 degrees and can therefore not burn or damage your hair. So you don’t have to use extra protective hair products. 

But never diffuse on high heat; it’s best to use the medium or cool setting.

A diffuser disperses the air to reduce frizz and keep from disrupting the natural wave pattern. It provides volume and curl definition. 

Flip your head upside down, place a section of your hair in the diffuser and turn the hair dryer on. Don’t move it, but keep it in one place for about two to three minutes. 

Then turn it off and remove the diffuser. Don’t turn it back on until you’ve placed another part of your hair in the diffuser. 

Go through your whole hair this way. You’ll see that you will be done within half an hour!

So, now you know what ways there are to dry curly hair the right way! Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask them on Instagram!

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How to dry curly hair the right way


  1. There are several other hair driers that meet that criteria that are less expensive i believe the Shark & i know Curlsmith.
    GinaMarie (of youtube and instagram) has a list of current dryers on her blog and the measurements for temp settings.
    she also does a review of several. there is an affordable conairre made for curls, but it doesnt have the enhanced drying time of the other three.

  2. This is one of the best articles on this topic that I have ever read. Thank you for sharing it.

  3. These methods offer options for curly-haired individuals to dry their hair while preserving their natural curl pattern and minimizing frizz. Remember to choose the method that works best for your hair type and preferences.

  4. I have never seen a better article on this subject than this one. I appreciate you sharing it free games.

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