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Isabelle visits a curly hairdresser for the first time

In this article:

In this article:

More than curls

Before I made an appointment, I looked online to see which curl specialists are close by for me.

Through Facebook I ended up at curl hairdresser More Than Curls in Leidschendam.

I read lots of good reviews about the results and the pictures on Instagram confirmed to me that I wanted to make an appointment there.

I made an appointment in early May for early August, as there was a fairly long queue.

After a few months of waiting it was finally time for my visit to More Than Curls.

I was super looking forward to it, not only because of the results but also because I would learn more about my hair properties; have I been using the right products lately, or is there something missing in my routine?

I was warmly welcomed by Denise (she runs her salon by herself) upon entering. After she offered me something to drink I took a seat in the hairdresser’s chair.

Denise asked me what exactly I wanted with my hair. I said I wanted the ends cut in combination with layers for more volume.

She said that layers at the back would not look nice and suggested to make some pieces shorter at the front and cut them at an angle.

I actually thought that was a very good suggestion so we went for it!

The luxury treatment

I had made an appointment for the deluxe treatment which consists of the following parts:

  • cut
  • wash
  • nourishing hair mask
  • advice
  • Styling & Blow-drying

Denise uses the Devacut method while cutting. This involves dry cutting the curls one by one.

While cutting, we had a nice conversation about how she started her own barbershop. 

She told me that she was already a hairdresser but that her own curls motivated her to make it her specialty. 

After the haircut it was time to wash the hair. Before she started she did some small tests to determine my hair properties; high elasticity and high porosity.

In doing so, she advised me to alternate the use of protein with moisturizing products.

The products Denise used for washing, nourishing hair mask and styling products are from the brand ECRU.

I had not heard of this brand before. These products contain protein and moisture which is perfect for my hair!

After the 20 minute mask, it was time to style the curls. After applying the products, she used a Denman brush to style the curls, which ultimately provides more curl definition.

Finally, Denise used the Dyson diffuser hair dryer to dry my hair.

I was placed in the hairdresser’s chair in a reclining position so she could easily put my hair into the diffuser from below.

She started with the warm setting at the length and then worked towards my scalp.

Lastly, she used the cold setting to check everything once more to close the hair cuticles properly.

The result


After a 2 hour treatment, there was a super nice result! My curls had super much curl definition.

I was super happy and made an appointment for February. The days after I only used some water to counteract the lint because the curls remained very nice in shape.

For the luxury treatment I paid € 100.

Address: More than Curls, Oude Trambaan 125, Leidschendam


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