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DIY Flaxseed Gel Recipe for Beautiful Curls

Flaxseed is a superfood. And not only as nutrition, but also for your curls! It is rich in vitamins and helps to give your curls more definition. You do that by means of flaxseed gel. The great thing about this gel is that it is 100% natural and cheap to make. In this article you can read why flaxseed is so good for your curls and we share the recipe for making flaxseed gel yourself.

In this article:

In this article:

The benefits of Flaxseed gel for your curls

Flaxseed gel is used as a natural styling product by many no-poo’ers and followers of the Curly Girl Method. 

There are styling products for sale that do not contain silicones, sulphates and parabens, but then there are always many other unnecessary ingredients. 

And that is the big difference with flaxseed gel. Flaxseed is full of protein, fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, is rich in vitamin E and minerals such as iron and magnesium. 

It is therefore praised for its moisturizing, nourishing and nourishing effect that stimulates hair growth.

The benefits of flaxseed gel at a glance:

  • It gives your hair shine
  • It provides curl definition
  • Your hair is hydrated
  • It is moisturizing so that your hair will frizz less
  • It gives your curls a soft hold
  • It combines well with curling creams and other gels
  • It is suitable for all hair types

Flaxseed is easy to add to your diet, but how do you ensure that your hair benefits as much as possible from the benefits of flaxseed? By making flaxseed gel! 

Don’t panic, you have to get the hang of it, but after that it is very easy. And it makes flaxseed gel a cheap and completely vegan hair product, which is also fun to make.

How do you make flaxseed gel yourself?

You need the following things to make your own flaxseed gel:

  • Flaxseed: 40 grams (1/4 cup)
  • Water: 500 ml (2 cups)
  • Measuring cup or cup
  • Wooden spoon
  • Glass bottle or jar, in which you can make and use the gel
  • Pantyhose
  • Possibly something to pour the gel into, such as a bottle with a pump or squeeze bottle

Do you have everything at home? Then you can get started!

MIX: mix the flaxseed with the water in a pan and heat the stuff while stirring until it comes to a boil. Let it boil for about 8-10 minutes. 

In the meantime, keep stirring because believe us, you don’t want to scrape caked flaxseed off the bottom of your pan.

COOK: after a few minutes, a gelatinous substance begins to form. This substance will reduce so that it increasingly forms a gel. 

Stick to the pan and pay close attention as flaxseed gel can fail if it just isn’t the right thickness. You want a gel that is not too thin and liquid, but not too thick a paste either. 

If the gel gets too thick, you will get white residue in your hair as the gel dries.

OVERDOORING: Once the water starts to boil, a foam layer will appear on top. Then lower the heat. 

Then take the glass jar and pull the stocking over the opening. Pour the contents of the pan into the jar, leaving the flaxseed on the wick. 

This will help you separate the gel from the remaining seeds, as you obviously don’t want seeds in your gel.

PINCH: we curly’s always get the most out of what is in them, including when making flaxseed gel. 😉 

Once most of the liquid has dripped into the glass jar, use a wooden spoon to press as much of the remaining gel as possible between the flaxseed through the pantyhose.

COOLING: Let the gel cool for about 10 minutes. If you want to use it right away, you can also put it in the freezer for about 5-10 minutes. 

If necessary, pour the gel into a bottle with a pump or squeeze bottle. If you don’t have that, you can of course just leave it in the glass jar and take it out a little each time to use.

STORAGE: Keep the gel in the glass jar in the refrigerator until use. The gel will last for about one to two weeks. 

Please note: does it smell a bit strange before? Then throw it away.

SPICE IT UP: You can also add some extra ingredients to the gel, such as vitamin E or Argan oil, or aloe vera. Just what your curls need! 

This all gives extra nourishment to your hair and also ensures that your gel lasts longer; about three weeks. You can also add a few more drops of essential oil. 

Atlas cedar or lavender essential oil, for example, are good for your hair and scalp.

Your homemade flaxseed gel should look something like:

How do you use Flaxseed gel?

Flaxseed gel is best used on wet hair. After washing, apply enough gel to your hands, rub this well and distribute it over your wet hair.

Preferably do this according to the squish to condish method. And don’t be frugal with the gel, it is very moisturizing and curls can use that well. 

Then let your hair dry naturally or use a hair dryer with a diffuser on the cold setting. If you want to use flaxseed gel without washing your hair, it is best to wet your hair a little. 

Part your hair and spread the gel over your locks. This gives you beautiful, tousled hair with well-defined curls.

You can use flaxseed gel as the only styling product, but you can also combine it with a cream, mousse or other gel. You can use it as a first step, but also as a last step. 

The options are endless!

Hopefully it is now clear to you how to make flaxseed gel yourself. Do you have any questions about it, or do you want to share your result with us? 

Fun! Send us a message via Instagram.


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