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Curl Flo Revive Collection review

It’s time for another product review! This time I’m going to try out the Revive collection from Curl Flo. Just reading the name makes me get all zen. This collection will bring your curls back to life. That bodes well! I’m curious to see how the products bring my curls to life and if I’ll be as excited as I am now after testing the products. Do you read along?

In this article:

In this article:

Curl Flo Revive Collection

First, a word about the brand Curl Flo, of which the Revive collection is a part. Curl Flo is an English hair care brand. All of Curl Flo’s products are designed specifically for people with curly hair. 

The products contain only natural ingredients and no sulfates, drying alcohols, silicones, parabens, mineral oils, petroleum, phthalates and synthetic colors. 

Because of this, all of Curl Flo’s products fit perfectly with the Curly Girl Method. With the Revive collection, the main ingredients are Eucalyptus and Palmarosa.

The Revive collection is specially designed to give curly hair more protein, because a good balance between moisture and protein is important for the health of curls. 

And the healthier the curls are, the more the curls will shine! The products of the Revive collection can be used on both wavy and curly and frizzy hair. 

Plenty of reasons to try out the products of the Curl Flo Revive collection!

My experience with the Curl Flo Revive Collection

 I tried out the conditioner, co-wash, mousse and gel from the Curl Flo Revive collection. I used the conditioner and co-wash in the shower while washing my hair. 

I used the Curl Flo Conditioner and Curl Flo Co-Wash at two different times. I looked at my hair to see if I was experiencing much build-up.

Based on that, I made the decision whether I would rather use the conditioner or rather the co-wash. I noticed after I used the Curl Flo Conditioner that my hair was super soft. 

When I used the Curl Flo Co-Wash, I noticed that my hair was a lot cleaner without my hair feeling dry. Top of the line! 

After washing my hair, I went to try out the styling products from the Curl Flo Revive collection. I used the gel and mousse separately from each other. 

If you find that the mousse doesn’t give enough hold, I recommend using the mousse and gel together. 

First, a word about the Curl Flo Revive Foam. I use this mousse, after using a leave-in conditioner, on wet hair. 

Before using the mousse, I first style my hair with the Denman Brush D3. Then I scrunch the mousse into my hair and let my hair air dry. 

I actually use the gel the same as the mousse, which is on wet hair and with a leave-in conditioner. I style my hair with the Denman Brush D3 and then I scrunch the gel into my hair. 

The only difference is that once I put the gel in, I dry my hair with my diffuser. 

end result: radiant soft curls

Jamilla after krullenkapper

I absolutely love the products in the Curl Flo Revive collection. The products do what they promise, which is to give you healthy and beautiful curls. 

After using conditioner and co-wash, my hair felt clean and soft. When my hair was completely dry and I had used the Curl Flo Revive Foam, I had very nice, coarse and shiny curls that were very shiny. 

In fact, my curls were so beautiful that I got compliments on them. I think the gel is my favorite. 

My curls are really beautiful after using the gel. Thanks to the gel I get a huge bunch of small, but also coarser curls. 

My curls are shiny and feel soft. However, my curls sink in a bit after a while. I think this is because I need more hold. 

Therefore, I will now use the mousse and gel together. 

I am very satisfied with all the products in the Curl Flo Revive collection and I am definitely just as excited as I was before I tried the products in this line. 

So I would definitely recommend trying them out, especially if you like lighter products with protein. 


Do you have any questions about the Curl Flo Revive collection? Ask them in the comments!


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