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How to Keep Your Curls Looking Fresh for Several Days

Go to bed with a perfect head of curls and wake up with a flattened mess. We all have been there. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to make your curls last longer. In this article we’ll share our tips and techniques on how to keep your curls looking bouncy and fresh for several days!

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In this article:

In this article:

How to keep your curls for several days

There are a few tricks on how to get your curls to last for several days. We’ll share our tips on how to look at the condition of your hair, and knowledge about the best routine for curly hair. These techniques will ensure happier, bouncier and less frizzy curls for days!

Go to the hairdresser often

We’ll start with the base: the condition of your hair. Is your hair heavy? Cutting layers into your hair will help balance it. Because when you add layers to curly hair, it will remove a lot of the weight from the length. That helps keep the top of your hair from flattening out, and your curls will be lighter and bouncier.

The length of your hair also makes a difference; if you have long hair you’ll lose some curl due to the weight. Getting it cut will reduce the weight of your hair in certain areas and help bring out your natural curls! You’ll also create more volume at the top of your hair.

Do know that cutting curls is a profession in itself. We therefore recommend going to a hairdresser who understands curls. Preferably someone who specializes in curls. Curls require a completely different technique than straight hair, and this can even ensure that you get more curls!

Check the protein levels of your curls

Secondly, it is essential to check the protein levels of your curls. If your curls are spongy-soft, and lacking definition, more protein in your regimen might be the key. Each hair is made up of protein and moisture, and the balance between them determines the elasticity of your hair.

About 95% consists of protein, which helps to maintain the elasticity of your hair, gives it structure and makes it strong. If you have a protein deficiency, your hair will stretch significantly before breaking.

You can restore this by using a protein treatment, for example with a deep conditioner that contains protein. You will see that your hair will be soft and bouncy again!

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Don't use too many hair products

When styling your curls, make sure you don’t use too many products. This can also weigh down your hair. In addition, use a clarifying shampoo once a month, which removes all build up from your hair.

Pineapple your hair before bed

We’ll move on to how to keep your curls looking bouncy and fresh after styling. Because after a day of showing off your pretty curls, you’ll have to go to bed at some point!

Just make sure your curls are ready for bed too. There are a few techniques to keep your curls on point while you get the sleep you need. This will ensure that your curls still look their best the next day.

One of them is called the pineapple: pull your curls up to the top of your head, then put them in a loose ponytail. When you do this before going to bed, you will make sure you don’t lie on top of your curls and ruin your curls. Also, much less of it will rub against the pillow.

When you wake up, the only thing you need to do is simply loosen the ponytail and shake it out!

Sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase

Another way to keep your curls looking bouncy and fresh for several days, is to sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase. Because a cotton pillowcase may be soft against your face, but can dry out your hair – resulting in flat, lifeless curls.

Also, your hair rubs against each other or against the pillowcase, causing friction. On a satin or silk pillowcase, your curls will slip more easily over the fabric as you shift during sleep. This way you’ll get less frizz, tangles, knots and flat patches in your hair.

We recommend putting your hair up in a pineapple before going to bed and sleeping on a satin or silk pillowcase.

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Refresh your curls

No matter how well you protect your curls while sleeping, it won’t exactly look like the day before. Your curls will probably no longer have their beautiful shape and there will be some frizz. But by simply refreshing your curls they will look great again.

Know that the hair products that you apply during or after washing won’t disappear after a night of sleep. You can “reuse” these products the next day, by reactivating them. You can do this by reapplying the main ingredient of the product in your hair.

The main ingredient is the first ingredient listed on the ingredient list on the product label. Spoiler: the main ingredient in hair products often is water! So, by spraying your hair with water, you activate the hair product that has water as its main ingredient.

If you wet your hair a bit and feel that it’s still smooth, there still is plenty of product in it. Scrunch your hair and let it air dry.

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Do you have any questions about keeping your curls beautiful? Let us know on Instagram and we’ll help you.

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