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The Best Braid Techniques In 2022

Knowing how to braid your hair is easier said than done. Even the most straightforward braiding techniques usually need some superhuman hands to pull off. Therefore, it is essential to know the best braid techniques in 2022 to help you understand how to adjust your hair to fit into any event. Whether you want a Mohawk braid or yarn braids, this article will explore the best braid techniques in 2022!

In this article:

In this article:

Why Is It Important to Braid Hair?

While it is true that braiding hair is fashionable, that is not the only reason why it is essential to have one. Here are some reasons why you need to start braiding your hair:

Braiding can help you avoid hair breakage

Braiding the hair is a great practice to prevent breakage. This is because braiding strengthens the structural integrity of your hair. 

A loosely braided hair can work with your body’s natural process to improve hair growth.

Braiding your hair is great for your frizzy hair

If your hair is frizzy, you will benefit immensely from braiding them. Frizzy hair gets tangled quickly and can become quite challenging to manage. 

The best way to take care of your frizzy hair is by applying an anti-frizz serum to your hair and then braiding them. 

Braiding locks moisture in your hair

It is usual for women with curly hair to struggle with hair dryness. This is because curly hair strands have difficulty holding in moisture. 

If you have curly hair, you will benefit from braiding them to prevent your hair from losing moisture.

Braiding your hair will prevent tangling

curly girl braids

Just like braiding your hair can prevent breakage, it is also a great way to prevent your hair from tangling. Tangling is very common in people with fine hair, and in the process of untangling them, they will usually break. 

What you should know before you begin to braid your hair

Here are a few things you should keep in mind before embarking on your braiding journey:

  • Do not braid your hair when it’s wet. If you washed your hair, you should first air dry before you begin to braid.-
  • Ensure to secure your hair using an elastic band after tying them in a braid. It is important not to tie the elastic band too tight, so you don’t end up causing breakage.
  • If your hair is frizzy, you should consider applying frizz serum on them before you start to braid. The serum will help prevent any breakages.
  • Your braids should be loose so you don’t break hair when you want to loosen them.

How to care for your braided hair

When your necklace is wrapped around other jewelry pieces, it can become challenging to untangle them. That is what happens to your hair when they clump together. 

When your hair clumps together, it can become impossible to brush or braid them. 

Braiding tangled hair doesn’t help either; if you must braid your hair and they are intertwined, make sure you untangle them. 

To take care of your braid, clean and moisturize your scalp. Moisturizing your scalp will help reduce pressure. Sleep with a headscarf to keep your braids protected as you turn around at night.

How long can a hair be kept in braid

The duration you can keep your hair in braids depends on the type of braid you get. As mentioned at the outset of this article—best braid techniques in 2022, it’s essential to choose the right braid that fits your event and timing. 

You shouldn’t leave braids on for more than two months. If you leave braids in for too long, they will begin to pull on your hair follicles and scalp. 

The sustained pressure will hurt your hair over time.

Braids can lock in moisture, and they usually also lock in oil and dirt. It is more challenging to keep braids clean. 

So, loosen your braids after a while to give your hair a deep cleaning. If your braids will be on for a long time, wash your braids from time to time. 

Taking care of your scalp and washing your braids will sustain and keep your braids healthy.

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The best braid techniques in 2022

There are so many different ways to braid your hair. This depends on how long you want to wear them and your desired style. 

The following points will highlight some of the best braid techniques in 2022: 

Mohawk braid

mohawk braids

Before you begin braiding a Mohawk, there are some supplies you need. Some of them are: clear elastic, rattail comb, two bobby pins and two hair sectioning clips.


  • The first step is to divide out a section of the hair for the braid. Then, create two parallel partlines at the corners of your forehead. Finally, the bottom hair should be clipped down.
  • Proceed to pick up a small section of the hair near the hairline. The picked-up hair should be divided into three small pieces for the braid.
  • Start the braiding by crossing the right strand over the middle and then cross it over the left strand.
  • The fourth step involves crossing the right strand over the middle. Then a new section should be picked up and added to the middle strand.
  • The left strand should be crossed over the middle. Then, a new section should also be picked up and crossed over the middle strand.
  • Repeat the steps of crossing the side strands over the middle strand. This should be done even while bringing in new sections into the braid until it gets to the crown of the head.
  • The end should be tied off using a clear elastic rubber band.
  • If you wish to hide the elastic, divide out a small section of your hair and wrap it around the elastic band. Then hair should then be pinned down using a Bobby pin.
  • You can add more volume to the ponytail by combing.
  • The hair can be spritzed with some hair spray to smooth down any fly away. 

Yarn braid

Yarn braids are known for their versatility and ability to last for a long time. If you want to do a yarn braid, you will need these supplies: acrylic yarn (you should use only acrylic yarn if you do not want your hair to look messy), scissors and a lighter


  • The first step is to wash your hair. Wash your hair very thoroughly. You should also really scrub the scalp. Do not use conditioner if your hair can’t withstand rigorous washing.
  • The second step involves measuring the length of your yarn. Hold the loose end of your yarn up to your head and measure it to where you want it to stop. Add an extra inch that will be used for knotting. Proceed to loop the yarn around your fingers three times, leaving you with a big loop and six strands.
  • Proceed to cut the yarn.
  • The fourth step is where you part your hair. Take about three sections of your hair that are the width of three strands of yarn.
  • If you begin to run out of hair, take another strand of hair and add it to your hair.
  • Begin to braid your hair. Make sure to work on the braid until you get to the length you want. Hold down the braid to see where it stops if you are interested in knowing the length of your braid.
  • You should finish the braid by making a simple slipknot at the end. Take about two of your yarn sections and use the other section to make a knot. Loop the yarn around the end of the braid and then slip the strand through the loop’s center and then pull. You can cut the remaining yarn that is close to the knot. To make the braid neater, you can sear it with a bit of fire. 

French braid

Those with long shoulder hair will benefit from making a minimalistic french braid.

 You can make this braid by taking three sections of the hair and switching the sections in a basic traditional pattern.

While changing the sections, you should keep putting more hair in every individual section as the braiding proceeds down to the scalp. 

The hair-do should be secured in place using a rubber band. Below is a more detailed description of how to make a French braid:

All you need are elastic bands. hairpins, matte Bobby pins, a comb and hair spray.Instructions

  • Start by combing your hair to get rid of any entanglements. You can use a detangler if you have hair more prone to tangles.
  • Create three sections. The three sections should come from the left, right, and center. It is advisable to start from the top of your head if you want a tighter braid. However, if you want a looser French braid, you can start from the ears.
  • It will help if you start by taking the left section of your hair over the correct section. When the left is overlapped over the center, pull the original center to the left as if you are switching places with the left.
  • Take the right section over the center. Like you did in Step 3, pull the center to the right as if you are switching their places. It would be best if you kept your hair taut as you proceeded.
  • When you take the left section, add more hair to it so that the section is thick before you bring it over the middle. When the hair has been added, take the entire left section over to the center.
  • Add hair to the right section and also take it over the middle.
  • Keep repeating the procedure until you get down to the nape.
  • Complete the process using a classic braid.
  • Leave about one inch of your hair ends out. If you are gunning for a tight braid, you don’t need to leave a lot of ends out. The opposite is the case if you are doing a loose braid.


Undeniably, this article has highlighted some of the best braid techniques in 2022! It’s so satisfying to have a well-made braid! Braids don’t only give your hair that aesthetically pleasing look. 

They also protect your hair from breakage and tangles. There are tons of different braiding styles, and for the most part, they are easy to achieve. 

So, get a comb and a hair spray and start your hair care journey today.

Do you still have any questions? Ask them in the comments!


  1. I love french braid. It is quite simple and looks youthful. Hopefully I can practice it since I’m not very good with my hands.

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  3. I just adore french braid. It is quite uncomplicated and has the appearance of being youthful. I am not very skilled with my hands, so I really hope that I will be able to practice this.

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