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Emma tries the Curly Girl Method

Hey there! My name’s Emma and I have recently decided to start the curly girl method with a little help from the girls at Kurlify. I have always struggled with finding the perfect hair care routine and after years of over straightening and bleaching my hair, I made the decision to embrace my natural waves and tone down the bleach levels.

In this article:

In this article:


Years of straightening and platinum blonde bleaching, left my hair dry, frazzled and often would break.

I switched to having all over highlights twice a year, and really only straightening my hair for special events and it has already done a world of wonders.

Although my hair is in a much better condition, its thick and dense nature has become just a bit of a fat poof, rather then having any defined wave pattern.

I’m hoping that through switching to the Curly Girl Method, I will be able to find what’s really underneath my locks and achieve healthy, happy curly hair!

Emma's current hair products

A little bit about my current hair routine

My current hair care routine consists of washing my hair twice a week. I tend to shampoo twice as my hair is super thick, just to ensure it is completely washed through.

First, I use Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo, followed by Provoke Touch of Silver Shampoo, to brighten my blonde and leave it looking less brassy.

I will then use Provoke Blonde conditioner, or one from Aussie (depending on how dull my blonde is looking.)

I will then use an argan oil treatment through my mid lengths and ends whilst combing (I have to confess that I only really do this as a friend recommended it) and I have recently ditched the straightners!


Kurlify's analysis of Emma's current products, are they CG proof?

Time for the truth… Are Emma’s products Curly Girl proof?

  • Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo: Nope, this shampoo contains silicones as well as sulphates.
  • Pro: voke Touch of Silver brightening shampoo: suitable only for final wash as it contains sulphates but no silicones.
  • Aussie Miracle Moist Conditioner: Not approved as it contains a non water soluble silicone
  • Pro: voke Touch Of Silver Intensive Conditioner: This conditioner is Curly Girl approved, yay! It can be used fo co-washing.
  • Creme of Nature – Argan Oil Treatment: Not Curly Girl approved as it contains 5 different non-CG silicones, which means they are not water soluble and can build up in your hair.

Kurlify's Custom Recommended routine for Emma

Emma's recommended hair products

Emma's Kurlify experience and results

Overall I am super happy with the results from my first ever Curly Girl routine! I was slightly skeptic to begin with to whether I would see much of a transformation.

Most changes in products I have tried over the years, had lacked luster.

However, I am completely shocked to see how much a difference my wave pattern has changed from just a first round of Kurlify’s routine.

My hair feels super healthy and has so much volume!

I really enjoyed setting aside the time to really treat my hair, it felt like a little Hair care ritual.

The perfect Sunday activity, whilst I cought up on emails and some TV.

Having naturally super thick hair, I found it a little more difficult to apply the gel all the way through. For my next round, I will section my hair whilst applying the gel and conditioner to make sure no strand misses its gel casting.

I’m so happy with the Results! The Curls are definitely here to stay… I can’t thank Kurlify enough for their support and recommendations.

Emma before curly girl method
Before: Emma’s hair just before her first final wash & curly girl routine.
Emma after first time trying the Curly Girl Method
After: Emma after first time trying the Curly Girl Method


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