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How Lieve got her curls back under control

In this article:

In this article:

My curls before I started with the CG method

Really delving into the best products for my hair… I had never done that before. I used Andrélon Shampoo and Conditioner. 

Then my hair was still so badly tangled that I had to comb it out with a brush.

As a ‘care’ I massaged essential oils into my hair and then half a can of private label mousse. These products took care of my curls for one day, but after this day my scalp was oily, my curls frizzy and I could start all over again …

My new Curly Girl-proof routine

So it was time for new CG-proof hair products! I found out through Kurlify that I have curl type 2c and now use a shampoo and conditioner without sulfates and alcohol that fit that, namely: ‘Syoss Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner’. 

This already makes my hair so soft in the shower that I can get the curls out of the way with my fingers. Sulfates and alcohol in your hair products can cause your curls to dry out, become frizzy and feel stiff. 

That’s what you want to get rid of!

I also condition my hair with a ‘Garnier Fructis Nourishing Banana Hair Food 3-in-1 mask’. I rinse this out again in the shower. 

Hair masks contain many nourishing ingredients and oils, which feed and protect your hair. Definitely a must to use a hair mask once in a while!

When I get out of the shower, I take care of my hair again with this wonderfully smelling 3-in-1 mask by Garnier. Afterwards, my hair feels even softer than it did when I got out of the shower. 

Next, I take a little ‘Revive Defining Gel with Eucalyptus & Palmarosa’ from Curl Flo and massage it into my hair from the top to the bottom of the strands. This gives my curls just a bit more definition.

At first I thought I was crazy because I never use gel and my hair will be greasy again tomorrow and I’ll have to wash it all out, but it turned out not to be true! This gel made my hair very airy at the top and even created volume with a nice curl from the root.

As a finishing touch, I used Mielle’s Babassu Brazilian Curly Cocktail Curl Mousse in the ends. Because this makes my hair extra wet, I let my curls dry in an old cotton t-shirt. 

It took some getting used to, but trust me; it’s totally worth it!

My curls now thanks to the cg method

Thanks to the tips from Kurlify, I now wake up every morning with a big bunch of curls that feel nice and soft and smell great too! Kurlify informed me about the best hair care for my specific type of curl and the best products to use. 

I now have my curls under control again.

The tip I want to give everyone: Get information from Kurlify and use the fine hair products they have on offer in their extensive webshop. I’ve found the joy of looking after my hair again, with great results. Good luck!Love from Lieve
Kurlify - Lieve blog
Kurlify - Lieve blog


  1. Already in the shower, my hair is so much softer than it was before, and the curls can be gently brushed aside with my fingertips. Curls may dry out, become frizzy, and feel stiff if you use hair treatments containing sulfates and alcohol.

  2. So cute!

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