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Shanella’s experience with Jessicurl’s travelset Confident Collection

With the new year comes… Right! New Year’s resolutions. I think every curly-haired person has taking better care of their hair as a resolution…. Yep… me too! But not only that. I especially want to take better care of myself and think more consciously. All this fits well with Jessicurl. The brand makes products on a completely natural basis. In addition, as with this travelset, you also get a step-by-step plan. That sounds like a win-win situation! But do my curls think so too?

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In this article:

In this article:

My experience with the Jessicurl Confident Collection Travel Set

Confident Coils travel set - before
These are my curls before using the Jessicurl Confident Collection travel set

Besides ‘wearing’ my natural curls, I also sometimes alternate with protective hairstyles. Examples of protective hairstyles are braids or wigs. 

By using protective hairstyles you ensure that your hair ends, the most vulnerable part of your hair, are protected. Because of the wax and the weight it carries, my hair has to endure a lot. 

Fortunately, the Jessicurl travel pack also includes a Deep Conditioning Treatment! I left it on, as indicated in the step-by-step plan, for 50 minutes. 

The Deep Conditioning is a thick substance, which should definitely be applied to damp hair. This way, the conditioning can soak in properly.

While I let the Deep Conditioning soak in, I read up further on the Jessicurl brand. Then I washed it out and used the Hair Cleansing Cream. 

It is not a true shampoo, as the Cleansing Cream does not make your hair as dry as a “normal” shampoo. 

However, this Cleansing Cream does clean your hair well, because through this shampoo, my build-up and the wax that was in my hair disappeared.

I was hesitant to use the conditioner after this. Normally, I don’t use a conditioner. 

This is because a conditioner makes my hair heavy so the styling products don’t grab as well. I love big and puffy hair, but finding the balance between dry and puffy is very difficult. 

Still, I decided to stick to the step-by-step plan and put the Too Shea Extra Moisturizing Conditioner in my hair. I let it sit for five minutes and then washed it out.

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Confident Coils travel set- stappenplan

The step-by-step plan says not to wring out your hair and to apply the included styling product- the Confident Coils on as wet hair as possible. 

For convenience, I applied the Confident Coils in the shower, put on my Microfiber towel and changed my clothes.

My hair was towel dry pretty quickly. This, I think, is because the Confident Coils soaked into my hair quickly. 

On the step-by-step plan, there are also tips on drying your hair. Very handy! However, I dried my hair with a diffuser.

End results: healthy, defined curls

Using the products gave me super defined curls, which turned out bigger than normal. The products weren’t heavy, so I was able to create a big, bouncy hairstyle on my first day. 

I had a bit of frizz on the top of my hair. That’s probably because I’m used to not putting too much product in.

I am very happy with the Jessicurl Confident Collection Travelset and would definitely recommend it. Especially if you don’t know what to do with all the products in it. 

It’s simple and the explanations are really nice. This set will definitely accompany me on my travels.

Confident Coils travel set
Confident Coils travel set - after

My curls after using the Jessicurl Confident Collection Travel Set.

Do you have any questions about Jessicurl? Ask them in the comments!

Ask them in the comments!

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