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123 gel method for maximum curl definition

In the summer of 2019, a new method suddenly appeared on Pinterest and Instagram. The 123 Gel Method promises to control frizz in high humidity and provides maximum curl definition. The method is ideal for the summer but also for rainy autumn days.

Curlies, wavies and coilies from all over the world responded enthusiastically to this method that both moisturizes the hair and ensures that it retains moisture. What do I have to do to achieve this, you are probably wondering? Apply 3 different types of gel over a cream styler diluted with water. The result is bouncy, frizz-free curls that are well defined without weighing down.

In this article:

In this article:

Elizabeth Alex, from Honest Liz is the creator of the 123 Gel Method. It describes the following two steps:

  • First I dilute my hair cream with water using the ‘bowl method’. My hair is very dry, it is medium porosity hair type. I needed moisture so instead of diluting a leave-in conditioner with water, I used with hair cream.
  • Then I layered on three of my favorite gels, one after the other. One pump per gel was enough, then I squeezed them all one by one. The cream adds moisture, the gels retain the moisture.

Curls, blond, gel

Which gels and in what order do you apply them?

The 123 Gel Method has become a popular styling method.

Then you apply (on still wet hair) 3 different gels. The most common sequence for applying the gel is:

  1. A gel without protein and without glycerine. You can use the following products for this:
    • Curls Goddess Curls Botanical Gel
    • Camille Rose Aloe Whiped Butter Gel
    • Camille Rose Curl Maker

  2. A gel with protein and glycerine. You can use the following products for this:
    • Bounce Curl Light Creme Gel
    • Aunt Jackies Curl BossDont Shrink Curling Gel
    • The Eco Styler gels
    • Mane Choice Ancient Egyptian Gold Twisting Gel
    • Mahogany Naturals Organic Gel
    • Mane Choice Crystal Biotin Styling Gel

  3. A gel with protein and without glycerine. You can use the following product for this:
    • Curls Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Jelly
    • aliah Waajid Green Apple Aloe Nutrition Hold Me Down Gelle
    • Ampro Clear Ice Gel

Once you have applied the 3 gels in your hair, scrunch your wet hair well.

Also, scrunch your hair a few times with a microfiber towel or t-shirt to squeeze out excess product and water.

You can still pop your hair if you like. Then let the hair air dry or dry your hair with a diffuser.

When your hair is completely dry, scrunch your hair a few more times to squeeze out the hardened gel (scrunch out the crunch) and enjoy your beautiful curls!

Do you have any questions about the 123 Gel Method or would you like to share your experience with it? Let us know on Instagram!

How is it different from just using 1 hair gel?

Each gel consists of unique ingredients that have their own benefits. Combining those benefits has a huge impact on your curl definition.

It is sometimes compared to the fact that you not only eat 1 type of fruit or vegetable in a day, but as much variation as possible to ensure that you get as many different nutrients as possible.

So by combining different gels you get maximum results!


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