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Everything you should know about shriking your hair: Acceptation and tips

Do you sorrow or maybe even regret that your curly hair is shrinking? Do people recommend that you also treat your hair, for example with a keratin treatment, to relax your hair? So that your hair becomes “long and soft”? Don’t, that’s an eternal sin. Your hair is shrinking for a reason and it’s time to fully embrace your natural, shrinking hair.

In this blog, we assume that you, like us, love your curls and want them to come out as beautiful as possible. Not because you prefer straight (er) hair, because you think, for example, that this will be more accepted by society. The tips we give you below are natural, easy and aim to make your hair look more beautiful. Not to stop your hair from shrinking completely. We can imagine that you would like to show how long your hair already is, because we know that it takes a lot of time and care to get to that length. Kurlify hopes to show you that you are beautiful just the way you are and is happy to give you tips on how to make your natural hair come out as beautiful as possible, without damaging it. So read on quickly.

In this article:

In this article:

What is shrinking your hair?

Shrinkage of your hair is when your hair length gets shorter when your hair dries. After a wash, while your hair is still wet, your hair is noticeably longer. 

Hair stretches when it is wet and shrinks when it dries. So that is a quality that every hair has and a sign that your hair is healthy. 

It means that your hair has the right degree of hydration and elasticity.

In addition, an important reason that a curl actually curls is the shrinking of your hair. Because, if your hair didn’t shrink, it wouldn’t have the texture and curl definition that your curl has. 

Shrinking and naturally curly hair really belong together. In general, the tighter the curl is, the more your hair will shrink. 

This can add up to a shrinkage where your hair is up to 75% shorter when dry than when wet. The degree of shrinkage of your hair partly depends on your hair type and the porosity of your hair.

Tips: how to deal with shrinking hair

Fortunately, there are many different non-harmful ways how you can deal with strongly shrinking hair.Below you will find a number of tips for hairstyles and CG proof products and ingredients that will ensure that your hair stays just a little longer when it dries.

  • Product Selection: It makes a big difference to the length and texture of your hair to use hair products that are appropriate for your hair type and hair porosity.
  • Ingredients: Certain ingredients can also provide a little more length and a nicer texture. Think, for example, of linseed, shea butter and mango butter. Aunt Jackie Don’t Shrink Curling Gel is one such product that contains both flaxseed and shea butter.
  • Hairstyles: Also with certain hairstyles you can stretch (“stretch”) your hair a bit, so that your curls look slightly longer. With these hairstyles, you don’t have to use heat or damage your hair in any other way. Be careful not to break her off. We have listed five hairstyles below.

1. Banding

This is a light stretching method for your hair. Divide your hair into sections, grab one strand, and wrap rubber bands around your hair all the way from roots to ends. 

Let your hair air dry before removing the rubber bands. You can then wrap your hair tightly in a silk scarf to help stretch your hair a little harder. 

Note: this is a method that puts a lot of tension on your hair, so that your hair can break off faster.

2. Bantuknots


With bananas we think of Rihanna, who, as you can see, look great on her. This method in itself is a very nice way to style your hair (if you leave the buns like this), but also to stretch your hair.

You can make them on dry or wet hair. Divide your hair into sections, grab one section, twist the section into a bun and secure. 

Let your hair air dry completely. If you then take out your buns you will see that you still have a beautiful luscious look with curls, but with a little more stretch than your natural texture.

3. High tail or knot

A high ponytail or bun is also a great way to stretch your hair without using heat. Do not over-fasten your tail, otherwise the tension will cause your hair to break off more quickly. 

You can also tuck your hair into a lower ponytail or bun for a little less tension and a similar effect.

4. Rollers

Rollers are also a popular tool for curlies with very curly hair. The bigger the roller, the more your hair will stretch. 

Make sure you’ve untangled and completely wet your hair before rolling. Let your hair air dry and wrap your hair in a satin scarf when it is completely dry. 

Then apply mousse or setting lotion to further style your hair.

5. Twist-outs

Twist outs are also a good, non-harmful way to stretch your hair while retaining your texture. 

Wet your hair with a spray bottle, then put some styling product on a section of hair, divide the section into two separate strands and twist these strands around each other. 

You can give the dots extra care by applying some extra product there as well. That way, the twist also stays in place without using rubber bands. 

This of course also depends on your hair type and porosity of your hair. Continue until you have twisted your hair all over. 

Let your hair air dry before removing your hair from the twists again. Then you shake your curls apart well. 

Instead of twisting your hair, you can also choose to braid your hair.

Do you have any questions about shrinking your hair? Let us know in the comments below!


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