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Rezo Cut: Everything You Need To Know About The Curly Hair Cut

Women with curly or coily hair often struggle to find a hairdresser that can give their curls a fresh new haircut despite the numerous options to pick from. 

And that’s because the numerous options available don’t cater to them. 

This can be frustrating and overwhelming. However, a new solution is making waves in the curly world called Rezo Cut.

In this article:

In this article:

The benefits in short of the popular curly cut method

  • This solution is suitable for all hair types. The Rezo Cut releases the curls from the root of the hair, which allows them to be free to move.
  • While your hair may appear uneven when using the Deva Cut, it will be uniform in both straightened and curly states with the Rezo Cut.
  • It is better suited for curly women who cherish their hair length. And they use it to maintain both volume and length when creating a shape.

It doesn’t matter if you hear about Rezo Cut for the first time or want to know more about the solution; you are in the right place. 

In this article, you will learn everything about the Rezo Cut, including what it is, who created it, how it’s different from other haircut, etc.

What is the Rezo Cut?

Rezo Cut is a sought-after dry cut that produces extensive volume at the tip of the head while protecting the curly’s length. 

Regardless of the type of hair they have, the haircut compliments everyone. Rezo cut ensures that the curls move freely, adding makeup to the look. 

One of the best things about Rezo Cut is that it’s more flexible than almost all curly girls cuts. Rezo Cut will look beautiful on straightened or curly hair if done correctly.

Rezo’s cutting edge can also be adjusted to produce different results, including bangs, less volume, more volume, etc. And it also works perfectly for all types of air.

Who created the Rezo Cut?

The Rezo cut was produced by a viral curly hair guru and curl specialist named Nubia Suarez. She owns Utopia Salon and Day Spa. According to its manufacturer, Nubia Suarez, the Rezo Cut uses triangular parts and circular cuts to make perfect body, shape, and balance.

The curl specialist is passionate about handig over her curly hair knowledge towards her customers.

Why does the Rezo Cut work so well?


After years of gathering experience working at Deva and Ouidad certified educators. Nubia noticed that numerous curly haircuts do not provide women with tight curly textures. 

This spurred her to read extensively on various hair textures and techniques around the globe. 

Its compatibility with hair texture makes the Rezo Cut different from its competitors like Ouidad Cut, Deva Cut, Tunnel Cut, etc. 

Why the Rezo Cut is different then its competitors

The primary focus of Nubia is to ensure that the Rezo Cut produces shapes that allow users to keep the length if they want and also work for their facial structures. 

A side-parting can help lift the roots and let the curls dall on each side in a beautiful shape. Because it is suitable for any face shape and hair color, this hairstyle makes you the center of every gathering.

As a result, the Rezo Cut creates an extensive volume while maintaining the essential part of users’ curls.

This result is loose and dashing curls that perfectly showcase the natural beauty of users. 

Who is the Rezo Cut for?

The Rezo Cut doesn’t discriminate against hair type or structure, so it is for all women, including curly, wavy, and kinky hair types.

A Rezo Cut is also ideal for women looking for more shape and volume. 

The Rezo Hair cut is here for every hair type

But, it is more than a haircut. Rezo Cut also helps to improve your face significantly and highlights your best qualities. 

Nubia Suarez’s primary mission is to raise a curly girls group where women from diverse backgrounds see their reflections in others.

She encourages women to embrace their textured hair instead of looking for how to change it.

Rezo Cut vs Deva Cut

These are both a populair curly hair cut that also follows a curl dry-cutting technique.

Some users can’t differentiate between the Rezo Cut and Deva Cut.

And although they are both used on dry hair, there are some definite differences all users should look out for.

The Deva Cut

The Deva Cut is a curl-by-curl cut that centers on framing the user’s face and ensuring that your loose curls look excellent. 

The curl cutting method of Deva Cut is better suited for women who style their curls naturally. It does not look good on straight hair or hair textures blown out.

The Rezo haircut

On the other hand, the Rezo haircut does not only focus on framing the face. Its focus is on adding movement and volume. The Rezo haircut method differs entirely from that of Deva Cut. 

The Rezo haircut makes use of a peculiar cutting technique that employs a particular parting method and circular cuts vs. cutting curl by curl.

How to do a Rezo Cut

Get advice from a hair stylist

It is advisable to use a hair stylist in your area who knows how to do a Rezo Cut if you are not familiar with cutting your hair. This will help you to prevent terrible haircuts. 

Not all stylists are having the same curly hair knowledge when it comes to cutting curly hair. So find someone who is cutting curly hair on a daily base.

Do it yourself

However, if you have experience, no matter how little it is, you can create Rezo Cut from anywhere you are worldwide, following these simple step-by-step guidelines. 

This part is definitely for you if you intend to do a Rezo Cut yourself. We will show you the simple guideline on how to get an excellent Rezo Cut without spending money at the salon. 

Step 1: gather your material before starting

Gathering all the materials you will use for this style is the first step. You would need alligator clips, hair cutting shears, and a Rattail Comb.

Step 2: shampoo, conditioner and style

Ensure that your hair is in the style you want to get the best results. Doing this will help you to know how your hair will look when you are through. 

Wash your curls when it' s not healthy

If your hair is filthy, caked in the build-up from heavy products, or stretched out, it is advisable to start from the basics, which is a shampoo session. 

If you use non-sulfate shampoos, apply to your hair as you usually would.  

And that’s because non-sulfate shampoos are calmer on the hair, unlike sulfate shampoo. A non-sulfate shampoo will also achieve the same results as a sulfate shampoo. 

Moisturize and condition your hair

So, we recommend that you start using moisturizing non-sulfate shampoo if you can. Apply the shampoo generously to the root of your hair and rinse thoroughly.

Apply conditioner or deep conditioner after you are through with the shampoo session. A deep conditioner is the better choice because it will make your hair more hydrated than the traditional conditioner method.

There’s every possibility that you can make use of a standard conditioner if the dryness of your hair is not severe. Bring the conditioner and apply it deeply into every aspect of your hair, especially at the ends. 

Leave for a few minutes before thoroughly rinsing the hair. Since your hair is fully conditioned and now clean, the next step is to begin styling your preferred hairstyle. 

Wash-and-go style when in a hurry

Several women like Rezo cuts put on their hair using a wash-and-go style. Apply moisturizer, gel, or styler, then leave the hair to dry.

If you want to add styling products in your hair care routine use it on soaking wet hair.

Tips when you have dyed curly hair

If you colour your curly hair keep in mind that it can affect the curl pattern says curl expert Nubia Suarez. Coloring your curly hair to often will give you looser curls. In this case it’s better to let your hair dye by a specialist instead of dying your own hair.

Step 3: DIY Rezo Cut at home: how it is done

If you feel you are ready to begin your cutting process, the following steps will help you do homemade Rezo Cut:

  1. Partition your curly hair into triple parts, making use of your comb. First, part your hair with a rat tail comb from one of the ears to the other horizontally. After that, comb through the middle of your hair. The sections of your small curls should be two by the sides of your head and one wide section at the back of your head.
  2. With the help of alligator clips, hold down all the sections firmly until it is time to work on them.
  3. Free the section at the back off the alligator clip and bring out a horizontal part of the hair. Use the alligator clip to clip up the hair to prevent it from obstructing.
  4. Smoothen the hair in a downward manner and mold circularly if you’re planning for a low ponytail.
  5. Find out what length you would prefer for the back hair. Then, hold it down with your hand once you get to the point.
  6. Raise that section of hair and cut off the excess hair.
  7. From the back, bring out a horizontal part of your hair. Ensure that the hair is held in a round pattern before cutting each partition.
  8. Once you arrive at the front, you will also use the same procedure unless the partitioning of the hair is done in triangular shapes.
  9. Select your preferred length of hair for the front, hold it down in a circular pattern, and then cut.
Want to read more?

Step 4: Rezo Cut maintenance

Getting your Rezo cut adequately maintained ensures that it is always properly trimmed. 

The number of times you might want to carry out your trimming sections will depend on your kind of hair texture.

If you have loose curls, then it would be best for you to go for maintenance in the space of three months and ensure that the maintenance is on a professional level. 

However, if your curls are tight, you could carry out your tight curls maintenance in the space of 6 months. There is also the aspect of preference. 

If you are pleased with your hair’s growth, then you can feel at ease waiting out the maintenance session for a bit longer. 

Home-made Rezo cut maintenance is an excellent choice for people who feel relaxed in the presence of hair shears. Your approach should be to visit the cutting procedure listed in the previous section. 

Ensure that what you intend to remove is not above half to one inch of hair from time to time. 


4 Curly types of hair that have a resemblance to Rezo Cut

Are you interested in more curly cuts? We got you govered with more ways of a curl cutting technique that involves cutting your hair in a natural state to create natural volume.

1. Deva Haircut

One great technique designed for curly hairs is Deva cut. A dry cutting technique is the best option for Dry curly hair. However, thinning or texturizing won’t be necessary because these cases could lead to frizz.

Cutting the dry hair will help stylists cut off the curls from where they originate naturally, creating a different shape. 

The areas to create layers, the density aspects, curl shapes, and where to begin elevating will be appropriately checked out by your stylist. 

The purpose of the curly cut is to ensure that every requirement you need is provided and you get the right preference that suits your lifestyle—enabling you to excel with your curly hair goals. 

One of the common differences between Rezo cut and Deva is that Rezo can hold lengths evenly around the face while Deva cut is all about face-framing.

2. Ouidad haircut

The hair is cut when the hair is wet in this method. Once the basic form has been approved, the stylist will find the most suitable place for the application of the slice and Ouidad carve technique. 

The process is possible by cutting the hair below the parietal ridge into vertical parts first by bringing the hair out, shaking it, and slowly producing other curl sections that are thicker from the set of curls.

The thicker curls are then sliced out depending on what you want. 

The reason behind this is that slicing and carving curls in a professional manner will help the stylist to be able to make a hair pattern that will ensure that the curls match perfectly together.

The purpose of this technique is to create something unique. 

3. Tunnel haircut

Jonathan Torch invented the Tunnel cut to ensure that curly hair stylings are easily carried out. Hairstylists use this method to remove bulks residing in some essential areas of the hair. 

This Curly cut is also a great way to enable stylists to avoid over-thinning and over-cutting. 

4. Ri Ci haircut

This haircut introduced by Ricky Pennisi is all about the weight and density of the hair. This technique’s best hairs are wet hairs of all kinds regardless of length and thickness. 

The first step is to determine the areas of difficulty after which the various partitions in the hair are engaged, and cuts are only used when needed. Shaking the hair is compulsory after cutting for it to lie better before proceeding.

How frequently should one get a haircut?

The result your hair will portray will always depend on your most preferred length and how it is maintained. This will all affect the health of your curl pattern.

However, the period for long and medium haircuts is 3 months and a maximum of 4 months. 

If you love something shorter, you can choose to get curly haircuts between 3 – 6 weeks to keep your hair in the best possible condition.

What are other techniques of cutting your hair for curly hair?

Interested in other ways to cut your hair? We have listed all the different techniques and explained them for you. Read more about them in our blog about curly hair cutting techniques

Final toughts


Now you know all about the Rezo Cut and the reasons to try it out to improve your curl pattern.

If you wish to get a suitable haircut that will help improve your curl’s elegance and appropriate volume, you should opt for a Rezo cut to get the perfect look that you desire.

Still not convinced to get a Rezo Cut or still have questions about the Rezo Cut? Let us know in the comments!


  1. I’m an older woman with gray, curly hair. My hair used to be very thick and wavy where now it’s a lot thinner and very fine. It’s wavy/curly which straightens out after a few days of not getting wet.
    I really don’t know what to do with it and don’t even know how to handle it anymore now that it’s changed so much.

    • Hi Deborah,

      Thank you for your comment! You can maybe try a Rezo Cut. This cut is ideal for creating more shape and volume.

      Hope this helps😊.

      Crystal from team Kurlify💜

  2. Hi I am older woman curly wavy hair. Grey white and silver coming in beautifully. I wanted a Rezo cut which I thought would a lot of layers around my head. I got a 3 tier modified mullet. Just 3 thick layers cut into my hair. The top hunk/layer was a good 6 inches when I left so the top is too heavy. The stylist is a ReZo stylist here inNJ. What should I do? I am afraid to go back n now my hair is getting wild again

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